Patagonia Give-Away

When sorting some stuff this weekend, I found a Patagonia Vest that has hardly seen any use. It’s too big for me and Geoff says he’ll never use it, so I’ve decided to do a free give-away to a good home.

It’s a men’s, size large and synthetic fill (Primaloft), with two zipped pockets. It weighs 325g. If you are interested, please leave a message on the blog, along with some interesting fact about yourself, by midnight this coming Wednesday (Dec 18th). I’ll draw a name and put it in the post on Thursday afternoon.

I am willing to post to anywhere on the UK mainland, and while I’m happy to give the vest away, I’d be grateful if the final recipient could send me back a fiver to cover the postage, once they’ve received it.

patagonia vest

12 thoughts on “Patagonia Give-Away

  1. I’m up for it!
    Interesting fact about me, hmmmmmmm:
    I once walked home drunk from the pub, 7 miles down country lanes in my work suit and shoes ‘cos I was too tight to pay for a taxi
    Or how about:
    I once worked with a guy who’s family appeared on Family Fortunes (the Haddon family if you’re interested)
    Or how about a random non-interesting fact:
    St John’s Wood is the only London Underground Station that has none of the letters from the word “mackerel” in it
    Weak facts I know but I’ll do anything for a chance at a freebie (see point 1)


    1. I’ve just realised Andy, that along with finding out random interesting facts about folk, I’ll also know that anyone who leaves a comment on this post is – or thinks he is – sized ‘large’……


  2. Ah…But surely Size does NOT matter!
    For interesting/uninteresting facts (or maybe fiction) read my blog.
    But since Patagonia gear is my favourite stuff I had to pitch in.

    That’s 2 x Andy already 🙂

    So, broke my leg on TGOC 2004, walked 2½ miles with it & got airlifted out of West Highlands.
    I Just played Widow Twankey in Panto (See blog for photos)
    My wife is VERY UNTIDY (not interesting I know, but bloody annoying)
    I once ate a whole Habanero as a bet (don’t)
    I have broken my right little toe 4 times. Not interesting just really careless

    Look, I admit it, NONE of them are interesting, Lucy is the one with the GB Triathlon Medal, and the trip to Everest!


  3. Oh yes….

    Hamish (the young pup – 18 months) ate a chocolate gnash with 2lb of Cocoa chocolate in it a couple of weeks ago. Cost us £450 Vet bill for injections and drips.
    He is cure, but so damned bad!
    And it was my daughters birthday cake!


    1. Lots of good facts there, Andy! What type of helicopter did you get airlifted out on – a trusty Sea King or a Eurocopter 135 Air Ambulance? (Both of which I have in my die cast helicopter collection.) And what is a Habanero? The triathlon medal and the Everest trip sound amazing, and whoever heard of a Labrador eating something they shouldn’t………


  4. ‘Twas a Trusty SEA KING. C/O RAF Post

    Habanero – Scottish Bonnet Pepper

    By the time he got home later than evening, he had completely forgotten.
    Would have done it all over again.

    Thank the Lord for Insurance 🙂


  5. Well, it’s Thursday morning so time to announce the lucky recipient…….
    There was a 50/50 chance of course, but the vest is going to Surfnslide Andy – sorry other Andy 😦
    If Surfnslide Andy could send me his home address this morning (I’m assuming you’ve still got my e-mail address, Andy), I’ll get it posted off before we go away tomorrow. 🙂


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