Freedom Camp

April 12th and the first wild camp after lockdown, joined by Daniel and his son - the epic William ❤️ We were trying out our new Anjan 3. It will be absolutely fine for the two of us, but a bit squashed with Pebbles and Islay along as well, so when the four of us … Continue reading Freedom Camp

Camps of 2020

Only two wild camps this year, as I've been slightly hampered by various things. The first one was with Daniel Clout and Daniel Hensby, and the second with Dale. Sadly, the second one was cut short anyway due to my tent deciding to allow wind driven rain in through one of the main seams that … Continue reading Camps of 2020

For Sale, Vango F10 Xenon UL2 Tent – NOW SOLD!

We've owned this for just over a year and it's seen little use. It's a sturdy, roomy, two person, budget backpacking tent which would, perhaps, suit someone trying out backpacking and wild camping for the first time. Easily large enough for two, it also makes a great one-plus-dog tent. It's undamaged except for the very … Continue reading For Sale, Vango F10 Xenon UL2 Tent – NOW SOLD!