Plantar Fasciitis Update

I feel I actually need to apologise for my last post. I had been feeling so bad for so long, and genuinely couldn't see a way forward, that I did just pour my heart out. Not entirely fair of me to dump it on everyone else though. I was, however, so touched by all the … Continue reading Plantar Fasciitis Update


Plantar Fasciitis And Me

This photograph of me was taken in 2016, on an unsupported, 8 day trip in Arctic Sweden. It has something about it that I really like. But the woman in that photo no longer exists. Since January of this year, plantar fasciitis in my left foot, has steadily erased both my fitness and confidence. Sure, … Continue reading Plantar Fasciitis And Me

#ghostcamp No. 2

In which our Intrepid Explorers, @Chrissiedixie2, @aktovate1, @GeoffCrowther1, @dribelad, @pebblesexplorer and @IslayAdvDog, conduct a vigil at a secret spot on Kinder Scout, to investigate the happenings associated with the Kinder Boggart. In the lowering light of late afternoon, they carefully made their way to camp, high on the Kinder slopes. They pitched quickly in the … Continue reading #ghostcamp No. 2