#ghostcamp no. 4

Where to go for #ghostcamp no. 4? The brief I had this time was, "Not in the Peak District." A Corpse Road seemed like a reasonable idea, so we settled on the one from Kirkland to Garrigill. Not all the way though, but part-way. To Greg's Hut for the night. 'Corpse roads provided a practical means … Continue reading #ghostcamp no. 4


Walking Home – Peak Forest To Hayfield

I do like linear routes, and I do like 'walking home'. The Plan this time, was for Geoff to drop Pebbles and I off in Castleton, and we would make our way home over three days/two nights. Best laid plans and all that. Forecasted road works and long delays at Winnats Pass, meant I had … Continue reading Walking Home – Peak Forest To Hayfield