A Soggy Christmas – Or – My Stick’s Longer Than Your Stick

Well, it was a bit wet and windy over Christmas, wasn’t it?

We were determined to enjoy it though – after all, the doggies are waterproof and we’ve got Paramo……….

Hawes was our destination for the fortnight. There’s something about that whole area; when I was young (back in the 60s), we spent many holidays both there and in Ingleton, winter and summer, in our tiny little 10ft long caravan. Luckily, I’ve managed to convince Geoff of the magic of the Dales, too.

Despite the wind and the rain, and the wind and the rain, and the wind and the rain………we battened ourselves down and got out a-wandering every day. I’ve think we’ve now walked every public footpath that radiates out from Hawes, leading to the fells all around the town. Geoff even got out on his mountain bike three times.

One day when we got back from a walk, our mate Bernie was there waiting for us. He’d motorcycled up for the afternoon just to say hello – which was nice.

Another night, Geoff’s daughter and her boyfriend came over and spent the night with us. We put a tent up for them next to the van (a Wild Country Duolite), and a pole promptly snapped in the supposed 70mph gusts of wind we were having. Actually, I was dead impressed, because not only did Geoff manage to repair it with one of those metal sleeve things and copious amounts of insulation tape (Geoff never goes anywhere without insulation tape – usually black), the repaired pole then proceeded to stand up to the 70mph gusts for the rest of the night, no problem. So hopefully now, if one of my poles snaps out wild camping, I’ll know exactly what to do! (Must put some more insulation tape in my rucsac.)

And then on another evening, @FlintyRich (from Twitter), called in for a beer and a mince pie on his way back from a Great Shunner Fell circuit.

I’d also hoped to meet AndySurfnslide, as he was staying in Ingleton for the first couple of days of the holidays. However, I only realised that he was going to be there, right at the last minute as we were leaving home, and by that time it was impossible to communicate with him due to the absolutely abysmal Vodafone coverage that seems to exist generally in the Dales and the North Pennines.

Anyway though, all in all we had a great time. And we did manage a few photos.



















About chrissiedixie

Love being out on the moors and mountains, backpacking, dogs, travelling generally. Favourite place in the world - Yosemite National Park. Retired teacher and ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Team Leader. Married to Geoff, who puts up with all sorts.
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24 Responses to A Soggy Christmas – Or – My Stick’s Longer Than Your Stick

  1. My wife loves Hawes and the surrounding area.We must have been down there around 10 times.I doubt very much if she would love it in that weather though 🙂

    Happy New Year 🙂


  2. Happy New Year Chrissie and Dixie from Karen and Wyatt Earp the Boxer. :^) Fabulous posting, photos and video clips as always. I’ll bet everyone slept deeply at night after each day of walking. Have a healthy, abundant 2014 filled with much love and laughter!


  3. Dawn says:

    The Christmas week was certainly a tad wild. Over that week I had set out from Grassington and had some interesting moments!! Coming over Fountains Fell in thick clag and snow proved daunting. You certainly summed things up with your excellent photos..


  4. MrsBoardwell says:

    Happy New Year to you & yours Chrissie ♥ let’s all stay happy & healthy in 2014. And hopefully get filthily rich!!!


  5. backpackingbongos says:

    Looks like you had a excellent couple of weeks despite the weather. We will have to get a backpack in before I jet off to India at the end of the month.


  6. mikeknipe says:

    My turn to say “I’ve been up there!” Arf.. Nice sticks by the way


  7. surfnslide says:

    Sorry I didn’t get your mail till after we got home or I’d have popped over Been a wild, wet and windy Xmas New Year although I did manage a few decent days at home. Been ages since I visited Hawes, cracking place. Dogs and sticks 🙂


    • No problem Andy. I didn’t know if you were the sort of person who looks at e-mails anyway when you’re not at home, and even if you were, I know what the mobile/data handling signals are like around there!

      Where you at the bunkhouse near the Hill Inn? Stayed there once myself some years ago – a nice place.

      Anyway, Happy New Year 🙂

      (The parcel’s all wrapped up and I’ve left it with His Lordship to actually get it to the post office today.)


  8. No idea how I missed this post earlier – I didn’t get a notification in my reader I don’t think.

    Good for you for still getting out and making the most of it in that weather. I’ve only been doing really short walks locally and not really taking any photos as it would be a waste of film really in the conditions.


    • Thanks Carol, we were determined that we weren’t going to miss a day’s walking – even it was only a couple of hours. Work’s quite stressful for me at the moment so these days, every time we’re on holiday or even just on a weekend, I feel like I have to make the most of every ‘free’ minute! In a funny kind of way, even that can be quite stressful……. 🙂


  9. Another ‘must visit’ place going on to my list!
    And what’s not to like about Wensleydale cheese with cranberries – I don’t see if in the shops here very often, but it always comes home with me when I do 🙂


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