Hop-Along Update

Saw a very nice Orthopaedic Registrar today. He told me that I didn’t have to have surgery on the ankle but because of the way my fibula has broken (I heard it snap by the way),  I do have what is known as a ‘potentially unstable’ fracture. This means therefore, that it needs very careful management. So, I have had my cast changed for a very snazzy blue one (they didn’t have pink) and I have to see him again next Friday. I’ve also got to have another week where I can’t put any weight on it at all and have to spend as much time as possible with the leg elevated…

And I have to say that Geoff is doing an excellent job of being my slave – making me delicious meals, feeding and walking both the dogs etc, with very few mutterings under his breath – and even appeared with some Greens and Blacks white chocolate the other day.

So, fingers crossed, will hopefully be wandering around again by Easter!

13 thoughts on “Hop-Along Update

  1. Those new lightweight casts are a god-send. After the pogo-stick incident they initially put my hand in a traditional plaster of paris cast that weighed a ton. After I grumbled they replaced it with a lightweight one that allowed me to go backpacking and summer skiing in the Alps with a broken hand.
    Good news that no surgery needed but I have to say I felt a bit quesy when you said you heard it snap. Take it easy and enjoy the table service that Geoff is gamely providing for you


    1. It’s funny you know, every time I think about the snapping noise it makes me feel slightly odd too…I just knew I’d broken something as soon as I’d heard it.
      Thanks for all the nice comments – they’re all helping to keep me as sane as possible!


      1. urg……the thought of that noise is disquieting to me but to you must be very odd indeed. Very sorry to hear of the invalidity. On the upside, you do get to be pampered mercilessly

        there’s always an upside (however small)

        get well soon


  2. LOL I hadn’t noticed when I took the photo! Yes, everywhere I hop around the lounge I’m followed by remotes, mobile, laptop…could just do with a remote now that will control the dogs – especially the big, bouncy, chocolate dollop who forever seems to be bouncing in the wrong place! 🙂


    1. My gosh, you were lucky! I had 6 weeks in a cast with no weight bearing at all. Then another 6 weeks in a knee length air boot thing, when I was allowed to start weight bearing, then another 4 weeks off work, then another 2 weeks before I could drive again. I wasn’t properly in the hills again for another 3 months on top of all that!


      1. That would have driven me NUTS.
        I am having enough trouble with my left knee at the moment, and it is still usable.
        Scan in 2½ weeks then I will hopefully found out if it is just wear and tear, or another meniscus tear.


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