Went Out…

Went out. Fell over. Broke ankle. P****d o*f.


About chrissiedixie

Love being out on the moors and mountains, backpacking, dogs, travelling generally. Favourite place in the world - Yosemite National Park. Retired teacher and ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Team Leader. Married to Geoff, who puts up with all sorts.
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29 Responses to Went Out…

  1. Where the Fatdog Walks says:

    Just about made the mistake of “liking” the post. Decided that might not be wholly appreciated. 😀
    Gutted for you Chrissie! Bad break? Mountain Rescue called in? Or was it a local snow and ice issue?

    Take care.


    • Thanks for the quick reply – I can see I’m going to be attached to the computer for a few weeks! We were out on a walk, but I managed to hop/crawl/drag myself a short way to a point where I knew a neighbour could probably get in with his 4×4. Orthopaedic surgeon wanted to operate but I’ve persuaded him to let me try without, so he’s sent me home but I’ve got to see him again on Friday. Fingers crossed it won’t have ‘drifted apart’ by then but will have started healing ok. Should’ve had my microspikes on…they were in my rucsac…


  2. surfnslide says:

    Nightmare! Just come back from a walk with the family myself and it was teacherous on the slushy snow. Can’t imagine how frustrated you must be feeling although the post kind of puts it across 🙂
    Fingers crossed you won’t have to go under the knife and it will heal up in double quick time. Keep us all posted with progress.
    All the best


    • Thanks Andy. Feeling really cross with myself actually, as well as frustrated. Although as Geoff keeps trying to tell me, it was just an accident that could just as easily have happened out on the drive or anywhere. Wonder if chocolate will help the healing process?


      • surfnslide says:

        Who knows whether chocolate helps the healing process – frankly, who cares! 🙂
        I’ve only ever broken my hand before. Like to think it was on some epic adventure but it was a trifle more humiliating than that!


  3. Chrissie – Hey sorry to hear that. My wife knows all about broken ankles !! – but that is another story. I hope you are on the mend soon


    • Thanks Mark. Hope your wife’s ankle saga is sorted now then! I’ve only ever broken a wrist before and I can already tell that this is going to have a bit more of an impact on everyday life than that had!


  4. maenamor says:

    No way..Horrible painful injury isnt it….really hope you’re up an about again soon.


  5. beatingthebounds says:

    Ouch. I feel for you there. My ankle is still troubling me, and I didn’t even break mine. Whilst you tuck into the chocolate and ice-cream you’ll have to watch the films and read the books that you’ve never quite got round to before. My recommendation – G.F.Dutton’s “Ridiculous Mountains”. Hope your recovery is swift and without complications.


  6. Thanks for that!
    I’ll have to watch the waistline as well, never mind the DVDs…
    Funnily enough, just bought a Kindle last week and I’ve already loaded 13 books on to it. I’ll have a look for ‘Ridiculous Mountains’ too.


    • As an update to ‘Ridiculous Mountains’, I haven’t bought it yet, but my neighbour (who also reads Dixie’s blog) has taken note of your recomendation and got it for her husband for Valentine’s Day!


      • beatingthebounds says:

        I’ve finished reading it now and I loved it, made me chuckle a lot. I’m part way through the follow-up “Nothing So Simple As Climbing”, which, so far, is equally good.


  7. not so good Chrissie, sorry to hear that. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery!


  8. Thanks for the kind thoughts David!


  9. What a bugger Chrissie.Here`s hoping it all heals quickly .
    I know a white witch so will get her to send a spell your way for a speedy recovery 🙂


  10. Thanks very much Alex. Actually, I would really appreciate a nice spell off your white witch…


  11. backpackingbongos says:

    Now that is a big fat bummer Chrissie, sorry to hear about that. Was there a Dixie attached to the other end of the lead at the time or was it a simple slip? I hope that it heals soon and that you are tramping the hills once again.


    • Well there was a Dixie attached to the other end of the lead, but I can honestly say that she wasn’t pulling at that point at all. It was just basically some ice hidden under some snow and my leg went in the wrong direction. I know it’s just a broken leg and things could be a lot worse, but feeling seriously down today. It’s been a bit hurty today and 6 weeks seems to stretch a long way into the future!


      • backpackingbongos says:

        Dr James prescribes a spot of van wild camping to keep the spirits up. You could get Geoff to drive and park up the van somewhere really scenic with a stunning view and he could be your servant there rather than home? Read a good book with you leg rested whilst looking out of the window and eating a big bar of chocolate.

        Sorry to hear that it is hurty. Hurty is not good.


        • Thanks James, you’re absolutely right of course. Geoff did suggest something along those lines for this week, but I’ve got to go back to hospital tomorrow (because I ended up in A&E on Friday night due to problems with the new plaster), and then I’m seeing the consultant again anyway on Friday…..so realisitcally it’ll likely be next week before we get the chance. Maybe, fingers crossed, after Friday I might be able to start putting some weight on it as well.
          I especially like the idea of the big bar of chocolate…


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