Ever The Intrepid Explorers…

Well, Friday evening’s planned escape up to the Dales was effectively curtailed. Within an hour of me getting in from work, not only were all major trans-Pennine routes either closed or treacherous, there was so much snow outside our house we’d have had to put the snow chains on the van, just to get off our road.

Saturday morning brought slightly easier conditions in the village, but still Snake, Woodhead, Cat and Fiddle, Holme Moss, the Otley by-pass, etc etc were all still closed. By the time everything had eased further, it was realistically a bit daft to be charging up to Malham for one night. But what to do? We had a motorhome laden up with dog food, human food, 70 litres of water, wine… we couldn’t waste it all, we had to go somewhere.

‘I know,’ says Geoff, ‘How about going south?’


So, we went to Teversal – the other side of Chesterfield. Caravan site practically empty, but with a shower block that has won National Awards (how sad is that?) and a dog shower no less (which we used twice just for the hell of it, much to Dixie’s disgust) – what an adventure!

And this morning, ever the intrepid explorers, we mounted an expedition and successfully managed to scale the highest point in Nottinghamshire:

14 thoughts on “Ever The Intrepid Explorers…

  1. Dog showers, whatever next!

    Talking of high points in lower lying counties, one of my mates once triked to claim that most of Northamptonshire was over a 1000 feet above sea level – muppet! Cue endless jokes about the cliffs of Northamptonshire, major summits, ski resorts and the like 🙂


    1. I’ve just googled it now because I had a feeling that Nottinghamshire’s highest point is actually man-made, and it is. Where we were is called Silverhill, which is a spoil heap left by the former Silverhill colliery. In recent years, the slag heap was landscaped into a country park and consequently became the highest point at 205m!


  2. hows the snow now then? Its a blessing and a curse when decent snowfall hits. Depending on where you live, you could either be straight up into the mountains or get nowhere near!


  3. All the roads are clear now, but as we drove back this afternoon we were quite surprised to see how much there still is – even in the White Peak. We live right at the base of Kinder and the snow line is right down at the village. There’s obviously loads up top. Friday evening was total chaos. The knock on effect of all the roads being shut was causing all sorts of tail-backs too. Our neighbour’s normal 45 minute journey home took him 3 hours…


  4. Oh – I was going to leave a snipey comment about the highest point being a slag-heap (Leicestershire lad, east-midlands rivalry and all that), but it really is. You’ve taken the wind right out of my misanthropy.
    Having lived just north of the Northamptonshire border, I can confirm that we never saw the sun because of those towering cliffs.
    Oh….House! btw. (Sorry Chrissie, Andy and I have a long-running game of anecdote bingo on the go.)


    1. Actually Mark, I’m no stranger to slag heaps…as a youngster growing up in Hartlepool the place seemed to be riddled with them.
      Do you and Andy have a list of anecdotes, tick them off, and then have to wait a prescribed amount of time before you’re allowed to use them again?


  5. Oooh the highest point in Notts, I must make a visit one day! Its a shame that you did not make it out for your backpack in the Dales. It looks like I managed to miss winter whilst I was away?


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