Pebbles’ Night Out, Edale, February 2023

Me and mum had a nite out last nite and she sed I cud rite the blog post and i sed she had to practiss her vidio teknike.

We had grate fun and it was abowt freezing all nite and I was super warm but a littel bit cold at 1 in the morning so mum warmed me up wiff anuther layer she sez i shud hav had my winter Woof Bag reelly not my Lighter one.

We went to the pub too and mum had a hot choclat wiff a biscit. I DIDNT GET ENYFING IN THE PUB!

And silly mum called the track Chapel Stile in the vidio insted of Chapel Gate…

I luvs my mum and she luvs me

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