A Look Back On 2022

Not a huge number of trips this year, but then I did have a huge trip in the summer.

One thing I have discovered about myself in recent years though, is that I no longer mind if a trip involves wild camping, sites, bothies/huts or hostels. It seems I have grown much more concerned about the journey and the trip as a whole, and of course different trips and different areas lend themselves to different arrangements. I also seem to be less likely to go out for just one night, preferring to make it at least a two or three night trip, if possible.

So the first excursion this year was a four day circuit in March, from home, with all of us for a change – me, Geoff, Pebbles and Islay. It was a super trip and we had the most gorgeous weather, but poor Islay did cut a paw quite badly on some broken glass on the second day, causing us to reduce the mileage on the third day and then catch a train home on the last day.

The second trip of the year was another four day circuit from home, in May, but this time I was on my own.

Mixed weather this time. Heavy rain, a couple of hot days and finally a cool, bracing day.

And so, to the Big One, five weeks, across Sweden and Norway.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and had an amazing time, and it mustn’t be forgotten that you all raised a fantastic amount of money in Lauren’s memory – over £1500! Thank you all so much.

This was certainly a trip where I didn’t camp anywhere near as much as I was expecting to, but the ensuing range of accommodation I ended up using brought an interesting twist to the journey! The whole thing was great – not without its challenges – but the sense of freedom when travelling solo on something like this is just amazing.

I started the trip properly at Sundsvall, on the Baltic Coast
I had previously made friends with Movitz and Signe and their human parents, on social media. They were really hospitable and met up with me when I reached Ostersund, to take me out for fika and a scenic tour of Froson Island
Waiting for the train at Storlien, on the Norwegian border
Finishing the trip at Stjoerdal, at Trondheimsfjord – ie: the Atlantic

Well, after being away for so long, the next trip just had to be a night out with Pebbles!

14 thoughts on “A Look Back On 2022

  1. That does look a great year. I was having quite a good year outdoorswise until last week. If I can type up my end of year review, I’ll probably be enlarging on the last bit of my comment!

    Hope you have a good Christmas and 2023!

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  2. Though it may not have been a busy year trip wise, the trips you’ve had have all been good and interesting ones, particularly the big one, Sweden and Norway.
    I’m not sure if it was this year or last, but I recall lyme disease keeping you out of action for a while.
    Whatever, its good to see this review of 2022 and a nice look back at the trips.
    Both you and Geoff have a Merry Christmas, I’m sure the dogs will do, and I look forward to seeing your trip reports in 2023.
    All the best, Mike

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