Sleepover On Kinder

We’re extremely lucky to live where we do. In as little as 3.4 miles from our front door, we can reach an idyllic little spot on the slopes of Kinder, for an easy night out. Of course if you wish, you can make the journey there and back as circuitous and as long as you want, turning it into a much bigger venture, but Pebbles and I just fancied a quick sleepover.

It was pretty hot, so it was a good chance for Pebbles to try out her Swamp Cooler Vest underneath her panniers. It worked well.

Last time I camped by this ruin I was completely on my own and I have to say that despite being a lovely spot, once it had gone dark it seemed to take on quite a spooky atmosphere. I was sure it’d be fine this time though, with Pebbles to scare off anything lurking in the shadows.

But at around midnight, when Pebbles suddenly woke me up with a menacing growl routine, aimed at something outside the tent, she put me right on edge. Clearly unable to settle again, she needed to go out and check what was going on. I finally gave in and went out with her for a bit of a prowl around. The sky was dark and star filled, and I could clearly count 4 planes lining up for landing at Manchester Airport.

Pebbles, however, Β wasn’t interested in the beauty of the night. She just wanted to stand – rigidly staring at something in the vicinity of the big tree near us.

So, still feeling less than totally relaxed, we returned to the tent. Thankfully, after a few minutes on Twitter – complete with both ghost and crazed maniac jokes from friends who were still up and awake back in normal reality land – I found myself chilled, laughing and ready to sleep again.

The rest of the night passed peacefully and we awoke to a scorcher of a morning.


25 thoughts on “Sleepover On Kinder

  1. Glad to be a crazed maniac friend πŸ™‚ Being an anxiety sufferer myself, sometimes odd noises can freak me out haha Glad you had a great time, and you have some beautiful photographs of the memories.
    Atb Mark


  2. I had a hedgehog come into my tent porch one night in Langdale. Took me ages to pluck up courage to undo the zip to see what it was. He’d got into the carrier bag I had put some leftover food in. Oh how I laughed. Later.


    1. Thanks John! That vest works quite well – even better than I expected. Boxers usually struggle a bit in the heat so anything that makes it easier for them is good. She is tired tonight though, but it was her first camping trip since being very poorly a few weeks back.


  3. Cracking photos Chrissie. Nothing like a spot of spooky to liven up the night! Probably only an owl or something? Good to see Pebbles doing her duty though.


    1. As you probably know Dawn, I quite like a bit of spooky, but I was a touch surprised at how much on edge I felt at one point!πŸ˜‚ Pebbles was very brave though, couldn’t wish for a better, personal bodyguard 😍


    1. Thanks Andy, couldn’t have wished for better weather! Yes, lovely to see Pebbles back to normal. She did very well considering she’s not totally keen on very hot weather, and it’s still not long since she was poorly. 😊

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  4. Can’t beat a good ghost story! πŸ˜‰ Wonder what it was? I love atmospheric old ruins but not sure how I’d be on my own at night – possibly okay but you can never tell till it happens can you?

    I think your return journey is the way I went in to Kinder Scout when I did it with my friend who lives in Glossop. Looked familiar anyway.

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    1. There’ll be so much history there – the ruin dates back to at least the 1500s – it’s certainly atmospheric! Of course like you, I prefer to think it was something spooky rather than something more mundane… πŸ˜€

      It’s quite likely you took that route up Kinder with your friend, it’s a fairly popular way out of the village.


  5. Excellent trip out, looks like Pebbles is much more at home camping now. I had the “Hedgehog in the tent” moment as well (coincidentally in Langdale). Sounded like a huge beast and frightened the **** out of me till I took a look. It just looked up at me, carried on rustling through my provisions then calmly wandered off

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    1. Yes, Pebbles is getting there – starting to grow up and calm down a touch! It’s quite nice to know that she’s learning to guard too, despite the fact that she’s really as soft as putty πŸ˜€

      Do you know, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a hedgehog? One house we lived in as a child was next to a lake though, and we had water rats in the garden…


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