🐾Abowt Time Too!🐾

🐾Pebbs here! 🙋‍♀️

its soooo long since mum took me campin monfs and monfs i demanded a nite owt. She owes me lots 😠

so on fursday we walked 5 miles across the moors to Chinley its a nice littel site me and Islay have been before and they let mum take me in the toylet wif her. She won’t tie me up owtside coz i get upset if she goes off and i can’t see her and it makes my epilepsy do funny fings. Lots of sites are kind and let mum do this.

it was fun and nearly empty too and i had my tea and brekfast in bed 🤭 i wore my winter PJs but used my lighter woof bag and i was mega cozy and slept very well and don’t believe mum abowt all that snoring 🙄 mum also ses that if it had been getting nearer to freezin she wud hav brought my little foam mat to go under the Woof Bag too but i was very warm on fursday wifout it 😊

and in the morning dad had to come and pick us up coz not only had mum forgoten to bring the keys to the house she can’t tell the time either and didn’t leeve us enuff time to walk home then get owt on time to an a point ment 🤦‍♀️i ask you 🙄

she’s an ok mum tho reely

and I produced the littel video, its better than mums but she needs to learn to hold the camera still 🐾

9 thoughts on “🐾Abowt Time Too!🐾

    1. 🐾🤔you know i didn’t hear me snoring maybe it was mum snoring and shes telling lies…😳🤦‍♀️🤬she dus snore you know ive heard dad say so!
      Glad you liked my Dlog tho!🐾


  1. Great idea for a post and very amusing! She really didn’t want to get up in the morning did she – looks like me… Are you sure that’s the dog snoring? I thought a dog’s respiration rate would be far higher even at rest.

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