Four Day Circuit From Home

Well, what amazing weather we had for this trip! Feels like I don’t know how long since we were last out with all four of us, too, and we’ve never done 4 days on the run before with both doggies, so it was kind of a special little trip. It was also the first time we’ve used our new Nallo 3.

We did decide very quickly mind, that this tent is not quite big enough for the doggies as well, so any future trips with all four of us will be back in our Polarlite 3, which is both around half a metre longer and much better head room. We managed though!

Day One, home to Chinley Campsite, 4.2 miles

We didn’t set off till mid afternoon for this section, and took it easy in the warmth. It was actually the first time that the dogs have carried 4 full days’ worth of food for themselves, so we didn’t want them to struggle on the first day.

Day 2, Chinley Campsite to Pindale Campsite, 8.5 miles

It was pretty cold overnight, although everyone in the tent was toasty warm. The tent was covered in frost, the zips were icy and the dogs’ water (just outside the tent) was solid ice. The sun was soon up though, and by the time we were packed up and setting off, it was fairly warm. A lovely walk today, but sadly, Islay cut one of her paws quite nastily on some broken pottery, about a mile before we got to Pindale Campsite. Blood everywhere. First Aid was done, a little emergency boot was put on her, and we managed to limp that last mile, down to the site.

Day 3, Pindale to Fieldhead Campsite, 4 miles

We had planned a 7.5 mile route for today, to get us to Edale, but we decided to shorten it so as to be easier for Islay, with her injury. She didn’t seem to be in much pain to be honest, but it was a fairly deep cut. I cleaned it again, packed it with Savlon and gave her some special doggy painkillers, which we carry for emergencies.

We took it very carefully. Passing through Castleton allowed us to have a good breakfast in a cafe, which meant sausages for the dogs as well, and after a good rest there we went over the Great Ridge, via Hollins Cross.

Once in Edale, I wandered over to the village shop to get the doggies some treats and then into the Church for a bit of a sit. Edale Church has a plaque on the wall commemorating the sad death of several Rover Scouts in 1964, whilst taking part in the Four Inns Walk. The weather turned really foul with heavy snow and blizzards, and it took several days to find the bodies. This tragic incident led to the start of the Mountain Rescue service in the Peak District.

Fieldhead was the first site on this trip where we weren’t the only ones camped, and we got chatting with a lovely guy. This seemed as good an excuse as any to go to the Rambler pub together for the evening…

Day 4, Fieldhead to home

After another chilly night (outside the tent, not inside), we awoke to what promised to be an even warmer day.

Our route home, though, was nearly 8 miles and we decided not to walk Islay all that way on her poorly paw. So we caught the train from Edale to Chinley, where a friend met us and drove us home. I then took Islay straight off to the Vet, who checked her out and gave her some more anti-inflammatory pain killers.

Such a shame that she had that accident! The doggies were superb throughout the trip, and really enjoyed being with us. They love joining in with camps and are so well behaved in the tent. Panniers are no problem to them either, and I have to say that Pebbles in particular almost seems to relish carrying her stuff. Both breeds of course, are traditionally working breeds, and they do seem to rise to the challenge of being given something important to do!

13 thoughts on “Four Day Circuit From Home

    1. No, it’s an emergency first aid thing that we had in the kit. It didn’t stay on particularly well, we had to use another bandage to help keep it on, but it served a purpose. I’ll take a pic of it and add it to Day Two!


    1. Shame we missed each other! It was so nice, it was like being on holiday! 😝
      In fact, the Wednesday was so warm we’d have been carrying extra water for the doggies if we’d followed the original plan and walked home…


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