Camps of 2021

Not so many wild camps in 2021 then, but plenty of camps if you include campsites. I’ve also been lucky enough to do three, decent long distance routes, all of them great fun. I did have a flight booked out to Sweden again in August, but, as in 2020, I once again postponed it. Hopefully my Scandinavian trip will now happen in 2022!


All of us – me, Geoff, Pebbles and Islay – had a wild camp out on Kinder, meeting up with Daniel and William for the night.


Dale and I did a 2 night circuit from Hayfield, on a hot, bank holiday weekend.


The first of this years long trips. Dale and I walked the Settle to Carlisle Way, over 10 days. Great weather and a surprise meet up half way along with Nick Marston bearing cake!


The second long trip of the year and Geoff and I did the Cumbria Way over 10 days. More rain on this trip than the previous one, but still excellent fun. Peter joined us on the first day, and Gary and Alfie joined us on the last day.


So September came around, and Dale and I did the Herriot Way over 5 days. I was expecting real autumnal conditions by now, but it turned out to be proper Indian summer weather.

So, despite everything, all in all a pretty good year trip wise!

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you health, happiness and lots of great adventures – whatever your passion may be.

16 thoughts on “Camps of 2021

  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    It was a very, very cold spring wasn’t it (as you can see in your frozen tent photo!) but a lovely autumn.

    Which do you think was the nicest? the Settle to Carlisle Way or the Cumbrian Way? I have to say I don’t like around Garsdale much so that puts me off the former a bit…

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  2. Also, I forgot to mention that last sign about the car parking – wouldn’t it be nice if they all had a separate charge for a half day as that’s what I’m usually doing. I usually arrive mid to late afternoon and object to paying for a full day!

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  3. First, apologies for not getting round to reading this sooner, I’ve no excuses, other than trying to keep the best till last….
    Considering 2021 was ‘Covid Year 2’ along with other things, you did well with your camps.
    Nice to see someone else using the term “Indian Summer” to describe the nice sunny spell that occurs around mid-September.
    Fingers crossed for your Scandinavia trip.


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