For Sale, Vango F10 Xenon UL2 Tent – NOW SOLD!

We’ve owned this for just over a year and it’s seen little use. It’s a sturdy, roomy, two person, budget backpacking tent which would, perhaps, suit someone trying out backpacking and wild camping for the first time. Easily large enough for two, it also makes a great one-plus-dog tent. It’s undamaged except for the very slightest bend in one pole section, which is barely visible at all once the tent is erected, but can be seen when the pole is out of the tent. I can confidently say it doesn’t affect the tent’s performance in any way.
It weighs 1.9kg, all in.
Here’s a link.
And here are some pics.
Here are two photos showing the bend in the pole and the same pole, once the tent is up. As I’ve said, it’s not visible once erected. If it really bothers you, you can buy a repair kit here, but, frankly, I reckon it’s unnecessary.
We did have the tent up for sale at £150, back in July, but as we’ve had no takers have now reduced the price to £110, including p&p.
If interested, either contact me via twitter (@chrissiepebbles), FB messenger (Chrissie Todd Crowther) or email (

2 thoughts on “For Sale, Vango F10 Xenon UL2 Tent – NOW SOLD!

  1. Hi Dixie, I live t far away (Aust) to consider your Vango and besides I already have a good tent. However, I just wanted to say that it seems to me your tent is a good buy and as an experienced backpacker, the bend in the pole would not bother me.
    Hope you sell soon


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