Lyme Disease Update

I’ve almost got to the point where I don’t like talking about this, and in doing so I certainly don’t want to belittle any trials and tribulations that anyone else might be going through, that really isn’t my intention. But if talking about it makes someone else think twice about ticks and the possibility of disease, then it’s worth it.


Weeks ago, I had two blood tests that both confirmed there were Lyme antibodies in my system, but were inconclusive as to it being a current infection or residue from a previous infection. (I was treated on symptoms and history after the TGO Challenge back in 2016.) This led the gp to wonder if it was Lyme, although he was happy to treat it as such. Since then though, I’ve also had some other tests done, which have thankfully all come back as normal, so the gp is now more accepting that Lyme – or even something else from the said tick – is a possibility.


So, I’ve now had doxycycline for 2 months and feel like I’ve lost 95% of my symptoms. (For example, there were times a month ago when I couldn’t walk a mile without struggling with arthritis type pains in my ankles.) I saw the doctor again earlier this week and he’s given me a third month’s worth of antibiotics. Hopefully, this will now sort the remaining few problems out.


It has been a pretty horrible time these last few months, and as far as I’m concerned it has totally confirmed what you always hear – that Lyme is a slippery customer that is very difficult to conclusively test for, and history and symptoms are very important in a diagnosis.


And the thing I would really like to pass on to anyone reading this, is that if you ever have any suspicion about a tick bite, don’t waste time, get to the gp straight away and make sure you get listened to!

9 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Update

  1. Hi Chrissie, I endorse your opening paragraph with respect to increasing awareness.

    I also appreciate how you feel, particularly from the negative aspects, something I know, and still feel today with my situation. However, taking all things in to consideration, I think you’re doing well, no matter what you think or feel.

    For someone to go through what you’re going through, and the limitations it has placed on you, is hard to bear. I’ve recently found another part of my independence taken away from me, my HGV and PSV licence categories, which I’ve held for some 40 years.

    But, I can still drive a car.

    It does help to talk about it, and I think you’ll find all your friends will lend a supportive ear.

    Keep battling on, you’re doing great, no matter how you may think otherwise, and believe me, I know you will be at times.

    Regards to you, Geoff, the dogs and everyone else, I will be back on Twitter, once I have sorted myself out.
    Mike (Peak Rambler)

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    1. Thanks so much for all those kind words, Mike, I’ve actually been thinking of you a lot these past few months – I feel I now have a very small inkling of what you’ve been going through and how you must feel, not being able to do the things you want to do. I really do wish you all the best too, and pray that you will finally start to make the progress that you need to make.
      We must arrange to meet up again soon xxx


  2. Yep – and ticks are also carrying lots of other nasties now like Babesiosis. I was lucky I got the bullseye rash and got mine sorted within 2 days of being bitten – many don’t get the rash though. I’m always scared I’ll have one lurking on my back and, being mostly alone on my hill trips, I won’t know!

    Strangely, I dreamt I had Lyme’s Disease the night before last…


      1. My last tick was a couple of years ago now – I haven’t had any since I stopped going to Scotland (although I’ve been ‘ticked’ in the Lakes before now and that was where my Lyme’s tick was). The course of Doxycycline I had was fairly major and very soon after the bite so I’m hoping I’m okay.

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        1. I don’t think there’s usually any problems if you catch it that early.

          I think my tick was from the Peak District, although it’s just possible it was from when we were in France…
          I also got one from the Shap Fells, back in June.


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