More Planning For The St Olavsleden

Doing some more detailed planning for the St Olavsleden is helping to keep me going through some of the Dark Days at the moment.

The St Olavsleden trail is mainly rural, promises to be pretty quiet and touches the mountains where it crosses the border into Norway. It will also be necessary for me to carry between 3 and 5 days’ worth of food for much of its length.

However, it never goes into the heart of any real, mountainous areas.

The Trail is shown in red on this extract from the Guidebook:

So, I’ve been keen to try and make it more of my own Pilgramage Route, by slotting some mountains into it somewhere.

Some conversations with my friend Mark Waring, have now inspired and helped me to do just that.

The plan now is to follow the St Olavsleden as far as Undersåker, then leave it and make my own route south and west through the Jämtland Mountains. Over the course of around 7 days, this route will take me through the high fells and across the border into Norway, where I will then pick up another Pilgramage Trail which goes across to Trondheim – the Romboleden. I have drawn this route on the overview map, in green:

Not having any photos of the Jämtland Mountains of my own, I’ve taken one out of a book, and a couple from Wikipedia, to give you an idea of what the area is like:

I’m sure this will make a superb way to cross over from Sweden to Norway!

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