Wild Camp Round-Up, 2019

A Kinder camp with Pebbles and Dale:


The Hanging Tree, with Cate:


A Yorkshire Dales #ghostcamp:


Pebbles and I finish the Pennine Bridleway, with a camp with Mike Fields on a site at Horton in Ribblesdale, then another camp in a field full of sheep, near Garsdale Head:


A Peak District two-nighter with Dale:

Photo courtesy of Dale


Midsummer on Kinder, with Pebbles and Dale:


A two-nighter on the Shap Fells with James:



The Hanging Tree with Cath, Rich, Geoff, Pebbles and Islay:


And last but not least, The Kungsleden:


8 thoughts on “Wild Camp Round-Up, 2019

  1. The doggie photos in the sleeping bag are always cute – those are the sleeping bags you made yourself aren’t they? I’m sure you could sell them to a wide range of outdoor dog owners. Are you on any walking forums or the like where you could put out a post advertising them? I’m sure there’d be a lot of interest.

    You had a far drier time of the Shap Fells than I did by the looks of it – when I got there, they were more or less under water. They’ll be far worse now of course…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, they’re the bags I make. I do advertise on Twitter and Facebook – in a couple of groups too – and have sold a couple of dozen in total. None this year though, for some reason… ๐Ÿค”
      Actually that weekend on the Shap Fells was unbelievably hot… too hot, to be honest!


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