The Kungsleden 2019 – The Video!

If you fancy watching the Kungsleden video that I’ve put together, you may want to do so with a nice brew and a chocolate digestive.

It’s about 20 minutes long, but set to some First Aid Kit music – which is always a bonus!

And with guest appearances by Matt Holland, Peter Dixon and Lee Taylor, it’s certainly unmissable…


12 thoughts on “The Kungsleden 2019 – The Video!

  1. Glad to see you like chocolate digestives! When I am pack walking, I wake in the morning, and reach out from my sleeping bag to get the stove going for a mug of tea and a choc digestive, Won’t get up without !

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  2. Oh my goodness Chrissie what a fabulous video. Definitely one to be watched a couple of times more, sure there are things I have missed seeing., Some of those bridges looked a bit ‘interesting’. I love First Aid Kit and the music was perfect. thank you

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    1. Thanks for that lovely comment, Margaret, I like making these videos of special trips, it feels like a great way to re-visit the memories!
      Yes, some of the bridges needed a right-I’m-just-getting-over-this-and-not-hesitating kind of approach! 🤣


  3. Cracking video, been waiting for a quiet moment to enjoy it. Watching these videos and the blog posts about this part of Sweden, always amazes me how so completely different it was from my expectations of endless forests and lakes. It looks just the most amazing scenery to walk through. Having read your posts I think I’d struggle with eating on such a long trip. I normally eat a quite ridiculous amount of food when backpacking so not sure how I’d cope on limited rations!

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    1. Thanks Andy! Of course, the lack of food wasn’t exactly in the plan 😀
      That final 17 day stretch with nowhere else you could get any food from though other than the stf huts, was quite a challenge. Even if we’d known they were running out of food, we couldn’t have carried 17 days’ worth!
      Despite that, the trip was absolutely amazing – wouldn’t have missed it for the world!


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