Summer Solstice Sleepover On Kinder


For once, the weather forecast was actually giving lovely conditions for both days. Definitely worth making the most of!

Thinking that Kinder might well be ‘busy’ this night, I chose a spot I’ve used a couple of times before, where I didn’t expect to bump into anyone else. As expected, it was suitably quiet and peaceful.

Pebbles was having great fun, but sadly – after I’d been to filter water for us – she had a few small fits. She suffers occasionally from a kind of Petit Mal, where she goes a bit zombie like and grinds her teeth. She’ll do this several times over a few hours, then generally sleep it off overnight. It’s obviously very tiring for her.

She managed to eat a good dinner in between episodes and settled down in the tent for a longer snooze, while I had mine. I was trying a Lyo meal for the first time, and I have to say I found it absolutely delicious. Definitely one to buy again.

The clear sky made for a cooling evening as we went out to watch the sunset, with Pebbles having perked up too after a good rest.

And once back at the tent, I wrapped her in her sleeping bag, and she was fast asleep in minutes.



By the time we went out for an early morning potter around 6:30am, the sun was already warming everything up. Pebbles was once more back to her normal self and giddying about.

We were in no rush today so took a different, longer route back. It was a hot one, meaning I not only had to carry water for me, but a second litre too, for Pebbles. This was topped up at various puddles whenever I could, as well as using any available water along the way to re-wet her cooling vest.

Second breakfast was had along the way – a meaty pouch and Bonios for Pebbles, caramel flapjack for me, and half a squashed Battenberg cake for Dale.

It was a shame that Pebbles had been a bit poorly – she really does love her camping trips – but I’ve no doubt she neither dwelt on it nor remembered it. So all in all, a most enjoyable couple of days.

14 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Sleepover On Kinder

  1. My nans dog used to have fits and it was quite distressing at first but we controlled it with medication and he lived to a ripe old age. I always love to see your pictures of the dogs clearly loving the outdoor life. Great trip.

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    1. Sometimes I wonder if medication would ease my stress with it rather than hers, but the vets – quite rightly of course – won’t dose her unless it gets to be far more frequent and really affecting her quality of life. She still had a great time camping – she does absolutely love going out with me!

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