End Of Year Round Up, 2018

It’s been a weird year. I started with Plantar Fasciitis at the end of January and it’s still not gone, eleven months later. Thankfully though, it has changed in character. I’ve been through many weeks where I was in so much pain I struggled to walk for half an hour, and then another period where it might be fine for up to about 6 miles, but would then suddenly morph into excrutiating agony with every step. Three physios and a lot of expense later (I’m sticking with this third physio), I now seem to be in a phase where I have some days with no pain at all, and others where it may twinge a few times, but actually has no impact on anything I want to do. This, I can cope with.

In the light of all this, it’s quite amazing how many camps I’ve managed to get out and do. In the first 6 months of the year mind, I was generally only walking about 3 miles maximum before pitching, whilst under the influence of both ibuprofen and cocodamol. These days, I’m glad to report, I rarely feel the need for any painkillers for it.

Anyway, enough of the dreaded PF, here goes with a few photos!


Wild camp with Geoff, Pebbles and Islay.


Wild camp with Fran.


Ghostcamp no. 2 with Geoff, Dale, Gordon, Pebbles and Islay.


Ghostcamp no. 3, with Geoff, James, Gordon, Dale, Reuben, Pebbles and Islay.


The Naughty Trip, with Mike, Dawn and JJ.


TGOC 2018 – I did the first night only, camping with Rich. The PF pain was so excruciating during most of the 18 miles on that first day, that I pulled out the next morning.


Wild camp with Geoff, Pebbles, Islay and Dale.


Solo camp at a site at Upper Booth, on a trip to test the foot out.
Solo wild camp.



Wild camp with Dale.


This was when I embarked on my solo Not The Coast To Coast, from Cleator to Kirkby Stephen. I did however, meet up with both Dale and Peter for a couple of nights, which was good fun.


Wild camp with Geoff, Pebbles, Islay, David and Moss


November hosted a two night trip for Pebbles and I. First night on a site, second night, wild.

November was also ghostcamp no. 4 time. A Bothy for a change, although we’d all taken tents up just in case.

Ghostcamp no. 4 with James, Dale, Gordon, Mike, Pebbles, Islay and Sam.


Festive wild camp with Dale.

Looking forward to 2019, Geoff and I have started putting plans together for walking the whole of the Kungsleden – south to north, Hemavan to Abisko. At a relaxed pace we’re planning on walking for about 30 days, in August and September. By going into autumn, we’ve got our fingers crossed for some aurora sightings!

Before then though, there’s the small matter of the kidney donation. This is scheduled for the 19th February, so should not only give Geoff plenty of time to get fit again before our trip, more importantly, will hopefully give our friend Jamie his life back. I cannot imagine how Jamie has been coping so well with 3 dialysis sessions every week, as well as having all the outdoor activities he loves put on hold. All our fingers are firmly crossed that the transplant is straightforward and problem free.

So to finish, Happy New Year to all our wonderful friends out there. Here’s hoping it’s filled with joy, love and laughter.


19 thoughts on “End Of Year Round Up, 2018

      1. It will be no consolation to hear that the latter half of the year has been blighted by injury and illness for me too. Managed half what I achieved last year. I’m hoping that 2019 is an improvement. 2018 has been less than perfect for too many of my friends. Wishing you both a grand 2019.


          1. I’ve just skimmed the 60+ comments on your plantar fasciitis post and thought several of the comments, including lizziwake’s, were helpful. My autumn was a write off thanks to PF, which I aggravated by running.

            A friend sent me a link to an Atlantean-x video on YouTube and, despite his channel’s name, his thoughts on PF made sense to me. Of course, YouTube has bombarded me (and probably you) with other videos on PF. The message I took from them is pretty much the same as one of your physios said. Presentation of the foot to the ground is key. Sadly, a whole host of factors can affect that.

            The Atlantean-x video freed me to exercise despite the pain as he suggested that activity was possible which, if done correctly, would use the proper foot mechanics instead of aggravating the fascia.

            I opted for yoga and concentrating on making my walk more symmetrical when out and about. This is completely daft but walking faster naturally balanced up my walking action. Right now, this approach seems to be working. I’ve gone from agony stretching from mid hamstring, through the back of the knee and on down to the ball of my foot after a walk to a slight sensation of discomfort in my heel. My fingers are crossed. I may have found a solution.

            For yoga, I use the Yoga Studio app and do 15 to 30 minutes each day before breakfast. I recommend moving into each pose carefully, over several breaths. I concentrate on getting a good foundation before moving into the pose. I try not to strain and have to acknowledge that I just can’t do some of the movements done by the young woman in the app.

            I hope this helps.


            1. Hi and thanks for the comment! Absolutely everything you’ve said makes sense to me. I shall have a good look at the video you mention, too.
              It’s amazing how many people I’ve come across now who’ve suffered with PF! I still have occasional twinges, but basically it has pretty much gone 🤞
              Foot strengthening exercises and attention to walking have definitely been key to me. I do need a good supportive insole when carrying a rucksack still (I’ve discovered Sole ones) but round the house going barefoot is generally good. I’ve also discovered i seem to have too much movement in my left ankle (a remnant of my fracture?) and using light walking boots which don’t surround the ankle joint bring it straight back, so I use my Altberg Tethera all the time. I don’t mind as i find them very comfortable. Looking back, I’d been using lightweight fabric mid-boots for a while as an experiment before it all started , so I personally won’t be doing that again! I’m pleased you have managed to find a route forward for you, too. It’s a surprisingly debilitating and depressing thing!


  1. I’m hoping to get my yearly ‘totals’ out soon but they’re pretty modest this year too! At least I’m getting back out there.

    If you fancy a very short trip, I still want to camp up at Brats Moss above Eskdale by the stone circles… BUT, only in summer/warm weather! I’m very soft nowadays and getting softer each year…

    Good luck to Geoff for his operations – hope all goes well… Hope you both have a good New Year!


    1. I think you’ve got a very good excuse this year! Keep reminding me about that camp when it gets warmer – we’ll get something sorted 👍
      Not sure if Geoff’s ready for beans on toast every day for 6 weeks when he can’t do anything…. 🤣 🤣


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