Kind Of Coast To Coast – Ish

My PF hasn’t totally gone yet, but it has mostly gone. For the most part now, I’m not giving it a second thought as I’m wandering around, but every now and then, it just likes to twinge a bit and remind me that it’s still there.

Anyway, the next step in my Phased Return to backpacking, is a bit of a bigger challenge. On Sunday, I’m setting off to do the first half of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast.  Apart from the Vale of Mowbray, I’ve already done it all east of Kirkby Stephen, so Kirkby Stephen is where I’m aiming for.

I’m starting in Cleator, and hoping to camp most of the way.

It isn’t going to be a route march, though. I’m taking it easy and doing short days. If I feel like a day off somewhere, I’ll have a day off. If I fancy a b&b for a night, I will do. If the forecast for the next day is dire, I might sit it out a day. After all the trouble I’ve had with the foot this year – bearing in mind this started at the end of January, so has been going on for some months now – I will admit to being a touch anxious about it, so have no intention of pushing it too hard. I want to succeed at this, so if that means taking it mega, mega easy, I will.

I’ll be using Social Hiking if anyone is interested in watching me moving across the landscape at a snail’s pace, and if anyone happens to be in the same area as me any day, please stop and say hi.

18 thoughts on “Kind Of Coast To Coast – Ish

  1. I’ve done the Lyke Wake Walk which I think is the end of the coast-to-coast and most of the bits of the Lakes but have never fancied the actual route. For my next long jaunt, I fancy tackling Hadrian’s Wall in sections – that looks nice. Certainly, our Solway section is lovely…

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    1. I always said I never particularly fancied the coast to coast in its entirety, but it just seemed to fit the situation at the moment.
      We did the North York Moors section quite a few years back actually, I think it might coincide with the Lyke Wake Walk at times. We had the most gorgeous weather on that trip!
      I’ve done the Pennine Way part of Hadrian’s Wall – I like a bit of history.

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    1. Thanks Margaret, I must admit I’m starting to get a bit excited now – I feel as though a lot of stuff has passed me by this year and want to get out and do something!
      I’m also quite looking forward to taking it easy and slackpacking it without any deadlines! X


  2. Yikes, I do hope you’ve not published this post to coincide with starting your walk, the forecast we have here for the next couple of days is dire . . . but as David says, you’re definitely doing the best section and I hope your foot co-operates and you have a good time. I’m guessing this will be a dogless outing?

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    1. Due to start next Sunday. Rain forecast but not like the next few days, hopefully! Yes sadly will be dogless. Would really love to take her, but becomes problematic carrying dog food as well as mine, and can’t leave her outside shops without padlocking her etc. A support team would be needed! 🤣

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        1. Sadly, it is. Pebbles is also a bit ‘precious’ in bad weather 😀 If there’s the two of us – even with both dogs – it’s totally different. The dogs look after each other a bit, and there’s always one of us that can watch them while the other is cooking/getting water/etc. Hopefully next year will be a better one for backpacking and Pebbles and I will become more of a backpacking team, like Dixie and I were. She is still only young, after all!

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  3. Best of luck Chrissie, hope the sun shows it’s face after all this wind and rain. I’m heading up to Stranraer today and starting my version (weather dependent) of the Southern Upland Way tomorrow.

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    1. Thanks John Boy, I would definitely appreciate some nicer weather than this week! 🤣
      Have an excellent time in the Southern Uploads – I’ve been looking at that on and off for years. I even went up to make a start on it one October half term (when I was still working) but came down with a virus and didn’t get very far! Since then I keep wondering about trying again on my own or with Pebbles, or persuading Geoff that we could do it together with both dogs….. It definitely appeals to me. I shall look forward to hearing your report on it! 👍


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