Brown Knoll – Yet Again………

Ok, I’ve said this before, it’s not the most exciting place in the world, but it is quiet, has some nice views and is only a few miles from home.

I had actually planned to camp in a totally different spot, earlier in the week, but it hadn’t happened. And when James reminded me that Saturday was a Bank Holiday Weekend, I decided to cancel the original plan as that spot was highly likely to be ‘busy’. So Brown Knoll it was.

I normally collect water for this area from a peaty pond near South Head, but as the hot weather has left this rather depleted and extra peaty, I took a different route up to normal and collected water from the River Sett, at Terror Bridge.

It was a glorious evening.

It hardly seemed to go dark. Think it might have been a full moon.

The temperature dropped overnight with the clear sky, until the cloud started coming over in the early hours.

I expected to wake to rain, but surprisingly it was dry and breezy. Rather nice, in fact. Cool.

But it didn’t last. By the time I was packing up, the rain had started, and I packed inside the tent.

There was a bonus, random meeting whilst I was having breakfast. A guy and his dog – who funnily enough had been camping near the spot in my original plan – were walking off past my tent, and stopped for a long chat. Turned out to be a fellow Facebook-er, Phil Dando, and his dog, Oz.

Pebbles was really jealous when I got home and could smell another dog.


18 thoughts on “Brown Knoll – Yet Again………

    1. Thanks Lizzi 😊 It’s still not gone totally, but it’s not so bad and slowly improving. I seem to be at a point now where I can deal with it quite easily, and it’s no longer hurting all the time anyway 🤞I’ll be happy to keep doing the exercises for ever now, if they keep it at bay! I’m convinced starting yoga has helped too, it’s just a shame the teacher has been on holiday for a few weeks, but she’s back soon.

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      1. The kind of flexibility that yoga, or Pilates, or Alexander Technique bring really help with these sorts of issues. I’m so glad it’s improving – it’s scary feeling that a ‘weakness’ is preventing you doing the activity you love. Well done for doing the exercises 👍

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        1. It is a scary feeling, you’re right.
          Yes, I came to the conclusion myself (rightly or wrongly!) that it wasn’t just the foot really, but a whole body kind of thing. Made sense then, to try something like yoga.

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    1. Well that took me by surprise, did I miss you going in, or did you keep it quiet? It must be a relief to have it done, but a bugger with the pain and the amount of recuperation you’ll have. Other folk I know who’ve had it done though, have come through really well. Good luck!


          1. I think if they re-operate to take off more bone, that is probably classed as having your second hip op and that might be it for the future – not sure. I see the surgeon on the 13th. I must admit to having no appetite for being cut open and operated again just yet as I’m suffering!


              1. There’s built-up shoes – you can get 2 pairs done for free I think each time but have to pay for any others. I get through a pair in less than 6 months normally though with things like walking to work. The other option of course would be to wear heels on one leg and flats on the other! 😉


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