Yet Another Night At The Hanging Tree …

This is the first night out I’ve had since withdrawing from this year’s Challenge after Day One, due to the evil affliction that is Plantar Fasciitis.

It’s a grand spot for an easy overnighter, being only 3 or 4 miles from our house, and a good little trip to start easing me back into things.

Accompanied by Geoff, Pebbles, Islay and Dale, we had a good laugh, but Dale was instructed not to do any Ghostly Goings On as this was NOT a #ghostcamp.


Photo by Dale
Photo by Dale

Since planning the trip a few days back, it seemed like the weather forecast was constantly changing every few hours. Originally, it was all supposed to be dry, but by the time Saturday afternoon came it was all supposed to be wet.

In the end though, Saturday evening was actually pretty idyllic. Dry, sunny and not too hot.

But it deteriorated dramatically overnight, resulting in wild winds and heavy rain by morning.

We walked off in full waterproofs – even Pebbles – but it didn’t matter. It just felt great for me to be back out again.

And even though it wasn’t a #ghostcamp, both Geoff and I heard a really odd noise at around 2:30am. I thought it sounded like some kids singing, and Geoff said it sounded like something you’d hear on an episode of Most Haunted. Whatever it was, it made us jump.

I still won’t ever be going back there again on my own for a night…

22 thoughts on “Yet Another Night At The Hanging Tree …

  1. Glad to hear you’ve got back out onto the hills, Chrissie. Hope the plantar fasciitis (had to scroll back up and check how to spell that!!) continues to improve… πŸ™‚


  2. I’m delighted that you’ve got out again – plantar fasciitis isn’t a bundle of laughs. Are you still in recovery or are you sorted now?

    Bugger about having to reintroduce moderation on your blog – I quite understand though.


  3. Excellent that you were able to get back out, hope the foot is getting better. Glad you had a good time even if 2.30am was a bit hinky . . . did the dogs wake up as well or was it just you two?


    1. Thanks Jayne 😊 No the dogs didn’t wake up, which surprised me. Last time I was there with just Pebbles, she woke me in the night, howling at something! 🀣


  4. Really glad to hear you got out at last – I was wondering how you were doing. Do you think the weird singing thing was possibly an effect of the wind? or had it stopped blowing by then? I was so glad to see some rain for the poor farmer with the field behind me (and absolutely zero grass) that I nearly did a celebration rain dance!

    By the way, been meaning to ask. You gave me some idea when we met up about keeping camping vans warm – I was wondering during this hot summer, how you keep them cold if you’re abroad in a hot country (which we’d hope to be sometimes)?


    1. Thanks Carol😊
      The wind had stopped at that point to be honest. We talked about it but just could not decide what it had been. I was actually just glad Geoff had heard it too! 🀣

      You know keeping campers cool (other than having air con fitted, in which case you’d need to be plugged into an electrical source anyway) is not something we’ve got any clever answers to. Both us and the dogs have really suffered several times on the continent, to the point where we’ve ended up moving to a different area.


      1. You’re welcome.
        Sadly no change, I’m almost resigned to the medical opinion, this is as good as it will get.
        But hey-ho, I’m here when I could easily have elsewhere, and I’m still causing trouble for Mrs PR and work…. πŸ˜‰


        1. Well Mike, I am sad to hear that there’s no change, but you are right that things could be much worse. I still hope that something will happen to improve life for you though, so that you can get back out into the hills that you love.


          1. Thanks Chrissie, I have lots of good friends, home, work and elsewhere who like yourselves, have been and still are being as supportive as you all can be, and for that I’m grateful.
            In the interim, I have my photography, which gives me something else to do, and I post photos, mainly landscape and nature, for folk to view on my Flickr page

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