#ghostcamp No. 2

In which our Intrepid Explorers, @Chrissiedixie2, @aktovate1, @GeoffCrowther1, @dribelad, @pebblesexplorer and @IslayAdvDog, conduct a vigil at a secret spot on Kinder Scout, to investigate the happenings associated with the Kinder Boggart.

In the lowering light of late afternoon, they carefully made their way to camp, high on the Kinder slopes.

They pitched quickly in the freezing temperatures and high winds, making themselves comfortable for the night, and no sooner had darkness fallen when weird things began to happen.

Information for analysis came in thick and fast.

Data was recorded and saved.

Photo by Dale


Pebbles and Islay remained on High Alert throughout the night.

Photo by Dale

Their sleep was fitful. Decamping the next morning was carried out exhaustedly, in a passing snowstorm.

Slowly, they made their way back to Base, thinking over what they’d seen and heard.

Photo by Dale

And by some strange happenstance, came across this mysterious stone on their way down, strange carvings alluding to ancient rituals.

The vigil had not disappointed. Now to analyse all the data back at the lab.



With my Plantar Fashy Thingy still giving me a bit of gip, my undying thanks to Dale for dealing with Pebbles on the lead for me throughout the expedition, enabling me to still take part without too much trouble.

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