Dark Peak – Camp Near Brown Knoll


Light already starting to fade as we climb up past Mt Famine and South Head
Water needed filtering near Mt Famine and then carrying in to where we were aiming for
Observing the water filtering process – Pebbles knows how to do it now
Lets put the tent up right here!
Dogs are tied up while we pitch
If we feed the dogs first, they then fall asleep and don’t bug us while we’re eating
Clear views at the start of the evening
A bit of a breeze gave a windchill of -2.9C
The next morning brought wind, rain and clag – view of Kinder summit from our pitch
Again, dogs eat breakfast first and then they settle
Delicious Rainbow Porridge (invented by Dale) waiting to be prepared
Morning mum, your breakfast smells good!
Dogs are usually tied to our rucsacs while we pitch and break camp, but we had a handy fence today
Nearly ready
Final bits packed and a careful check to make sure no trace of our camp is left behind
Rain and wind all the way home, but it did clear a bit as we dropped height
Doggies were beautifully behaved and a fun night was had by all…

23 thoughts on “Dark Peak – Camp Near Brown Knoll

  1. Love the special post left there for tying up dogs! Also love the toothy ‘your breakfast smells good Mum’ photo!

    I might be going to the White Peak (with HF holidays) in March. Might go ‘guided’ or might not. I’m hoping Chrome Hill/Parkhouse Hill might be on the agenda though! I think you’re nearer the Dark Peak though aren’t you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!
      The dogs love their special beds/bags. We actually got them sent out from the States as no-one over here makes anything like that. Unfortunately, I don’t think the company makes them anymore, but when a friend wanted one I managed to take a pattern off ours and sew one up for his dog, from an old synthetic sleeping bag he no longer used. It has been suggested I could set up a business over here……! ๐Ÿ˜€


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