It’s Not Long Now……

It’s not long now ’till my good mate James wings his way off to the States, to do business with the Colorado Trail.

At 486 miles long, the trail starts in Denver and finishes in Durango. Much of it is at an altitude of over 10,000 feet, with plenty of up-and-down to boot. Black bears, mountain lions and regular afternoon thunderstorms also promise to make it an interesting and challenging experience.

James will be walking solo and unsupported, and is funding the trip himself. He is, however, using the expedition to raise money for the John Muir Award, which encourages people to connect and engage with nature and wild places.

Please take a few minutes to hop over to his blog postย about it, to find out more, and consider pledging a few pennies to this worthy cause.


10 thoughts on “It’s Not Long Now……

    1. When Geoff and I first started backpacking in the States, back in the 90s, we were both very nervous about the idea of bears, but I have to say that they don’t really bother me any more. We’ve had several close encounters over the years, but never anything we couldn’t handle, and I would certainly be happy to camp on my own over there now. Of course, we’ve always been very careful to do the right thing with our food etc. I don’t think it pays to be complacent!


        1. We had three very close encounters (ie a couple of metres away) with Black (yes, brown!) bears when we were either eating or cooking. On two occasions they were easily chased away by banging pans and shouting, on the other occasion we were eating sandwiches and we ended up having to pick everything up and slowly back away…..
          But then in Alaska, we found a grizzly ‘nest’ one morning where one had slept, about 100 yards from our tent. Obviously hadn’t bothered us, though. Later that same day, we saw a grizzly run off through the bushes to the side of the trail, as well. Mind you, the day before that, a couple who were 24 hours in front of us on the trail, got hospitalised by a mum, when they got in between her and her cub…


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