Settle To Nateby, But Who Ordered The Fuppin’ Weather???

Day 1 – 10 miles 


Settle – Great Scar – Malham Tarn – wild camp above Cowside Beck at approx 400m


Heat – lots of up – sweat – more sweat – more up – thirst – more thirst.








Day Two – 11.5 miles 


Yewbarrow Scar – Arncliffe – Moor End Fell – Starbotton – Buckden – Gilbert Lane –  Kidstones Fell – wild camp at approx 540m


Drizzle – rain – up – Biblical rain – down – tuna mayo sandwich with chips – more drizzle – lots more up – more rain – more Biblical rain.








Day Three – 13 miles


Carpley Green – Bainbridge – Cogill Closes – Oxnop Common – Low Oxnop – Ivelet – wild camp at approx 400m


Murk – drizzle – Wensleydale cheese and chutney sandwich – lots of up – more murk – rain – some down – more up.









Day Four – 15 miles 


Ivelet Moor – Swinside Gill – Keld – Ravenseat – Nine Standards Rigg – Nateby


Murk – warmth – heat – some down  – some up – drizzle – a couple of funnel clouds in the distance – afternoon tea with scones – more murk – thunder ⚡ – loads of up – drizzle – being charged at by a herd of of cows – rain.











DSC_0625James’ version of the first couple of days, can be read here.


About chrissiedixie

Love being out on the moors and mountains, backpacking, dogs, travelling generally. Favourite place in the world - Yosemite National Park. Retired teacher and ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Team Leader. Married to Geoff, who puts up with all sorts.
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18 Responses to Settle To Nateby, But Who Ordered The Fuppin’ Weather???

  1. Fellbound says:

    Cows? Don’t mention cows. I hate cows I do.

    • Cows don’t normally bother me at all unless I’ve got a dog with me, we used to have a few when I was growing up. These were scary though, all running towards us as we were in the middle of this large field. We had to stand and shout and wave sticks about…

  2. Brenda-Dawn Linney says:

    Now that is a wowser sort of trip. A wee bitty of allsorts and dolly mixture. Looks as if James was having foot troubles? Cows, yup, they can be boisterous beasties, had to pass through a herd of them last week. Fortunately , having worked with livestock in the distant past I am not too intimidated by them. Mind, I keep a wary eye on them!. Well done to both of you, impressive stuff

  3. Yes, it was a grand trip, Dawn! I was brought up around cows too and am not normally really bothered by them, but this lot were very intimidating. Thankfully, we managed to stop them in their tracks!

  4. Nearly forgot, James wasn’t having foot troubles, just thought I’d stick that photo in for good measure 😁Actually, I can’t even remember what he was doing!

  5. Your route has many coincidies (made-up word)with our pub-crawl) Don’t like cows either and neither does LTD. He has an unfortunate habit of barking at them. (dhuhh)

    • That’s nice that we had lots of coincidies with you. It’s a wonder I didn’t feel anything though.
      I dread to think how we’d have got through those cows with Reuben and Pebbles. Maybe we wouldn’t have done 😦

  6. Love the ‘featuring’ bits 😉 The weather is a bit mixed isn’t it? Love the photo of Warrendale Knotts at the start – one of my favourite bits of The Dales.

    • Thanks! That Warrendale Knotts area was quite spectacular. For some reason – although I’d hit most of the route previously over the years – I’d not actually been to that part before. Well worth a visit! 🙂

  7. backpackingbongos says:

    Who was that splendidly handsome chap in that fine hat?

    Looks wet, wouldn’t catch me backpacking in that sort of weather.

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  9. surfnslide says:

    Excellent outing albeit it looked a bit gloomy. Never been bothered much by cows until the last year when I’ve had several scary encounters. The Dales are excellent and only recently been rediscovering their delights. Bit of a drive from Herefordshire 😀

    • Yes, I love the Dales. So many wonderful childhood memories – they seem to involve more sun than we had this weekend though!
      Cows are a funny thing. Growing up with a few and with friends who had big dairy herds, I never, ever gave them a second thought – even with a dog in tow – until the last couple of years. I even did Agricultural Science at uni, which involved a fair few farm visits! Not sure what’s changed really, but I do sometimes find myself feeling nervous of them these days.

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