Six Go On A Mission To Dumfries And Galloway

Taking Part

The Boulter Gang – James and Reuben

The Crowther Gang – Chrissie, Pebbles, Geoff and Islay


The Missions

The Boulter Gang  – to bag various summits before they get covered by wind turbines.

The Crowther Gang – to attempt to tire puppy Islay out each day with some shorter (4 or 5 miles) walks.


The Crowther Gang set off for Scotland and spend the night in Wet Sleddale.


Dry, bright and cool.

Crowther Walk

4.5 miles near Shap, taking in both the tiny village of Keld and Shap Abbey.

Evening Meal

Piri Piri chicken, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and new potatoes.






The Crowthers continue their journey to Scotland, meeting up with the Boulter Gang at Dundeugh Forest.


Dry, bright, fresh, arctic wind.

Crowther Walk

4.5 mile circular wander from Moniaive, over Bardennoch Hill.

Evening Meal

A delicious spag bol, made by James.






All move to a new wild vanping spot near the Water of Ken.


Absolutely p*****g it down all day, with strong winds.

Walk – Both Gangs Together

An hour’s wander around the forest, with the dogs all charging about like nutters.

Evening Meal

A delicious chilli, made by Geoff.

Surprise Event

The Crowther Gang get word that, in their absence, there has been an attempted burglary on their house. Some lovely friends ring the Police and sort everything for them, so they don’t have to rush home. Apparently, the village had a rash of both attempted – and successful – burglaries on the Friday night.



All spend a second night at the Water of Ken.


Hail, rain, wind, sun, rain, hail, wind.

Crowther Walk

4.6 miles up the valley of the Water of Ken and back, taking in the Chalk Memorial Bothy and the deserted farmhouse of Lorg.

Evening Meal

James – Posh Pasta

Chrissie and Geoff – fish cakes with minted peas, fresh veg and new potatoes.








Both Gangs start making their respective ways home.


Dry, bright, cold breeze.

Crowther Walk

4 mile Glenkiln Sculpture Trail, near Dumfries. A bit disappointing, due to the fact that over 50% of the sculptures are no longer in existence.

Evening Meal

A delicious fry up – comfort food.

Strange Event

The Crowthers start off wild vanping in Wet Sleddale but eventually feel so uncomfortable, due to a car with four guys (adults, not teenagers) in it behaving in a very strange way, they decamp to a lay-by in the centre of Shap.





The Crowther Gang finish their journey home.


Rain, snow, hail, sun.

Crowther Walk

Supposedly a couple of hours walk in the Howgills, setting off from Ravenstonedale. Ends up only being a 90 minute walk though, as the Crowther Gang get fed up of the snow storm which starts shortly after setting off.

Evening Meal

Cheese and onion/steak and ale pies, fresh broccoli and carrots, and new potatoes.



And The Crowther Mission Is Accomplished










10 thoughts on “Six Go On A Mission To Dumfries And Galloway

  1. Wow, fantastic stuff, looks as if one and all had a brilliant time. Impressive, there is much to be said for this vanping m’larky. Looks like we are heading down your way in May.


  2. My two favourite photos are, of course, the cute doggie one at the end and the one of the man and dog looking through that window of that old building!

    How awful for your friends to hear about that burglary when they were far away and couldn’t sort it – thank goodness they had friends who could. Very stressful!

    And, I’d have waited till after the wind turbines – that was you get a great track to take up the hill 😉


  3. 😏
    That was Geoff and Pebbles looking through the window – Pebbles is such a nosey monkey!
    It was actually our house that had the attempted burglary. They’ve totally wrecked the garage door, so we’re now waiting for the insurers to check it out, then we’ll hopefully get a new one fitted. Bit of a nuisance as through the garage is one of the main ways into the house and we can’t currently use it. Could have been worse though!


  4. Poor old Reuben is still tired after last weekend, although he is still keen for today’s stroll through the woods!


    1. Well of course he was walking twice as far as ours each day – Islay will be catching him up soon though. Pebbles is currently snoring like a very loud thing on the sofa, blissfully unaware that we’ve just ordered some panniers for her…..


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