Friends Are Great

Friends are great. Friends are there for you in dark times as well as good.


And we really didn’t feel like rattling around in the house on our own after Saturday’s trauma, but James was happy enough for us to join him and Reuben on the North York Moors for a couple of nights.


He was keen to try out his wonderful new camper, too.


I hardly took any photos – in fact the rain on Saturday’s walk put paid to me even getting my camera out of its bag that day – but we had a peaceful, relaxing time.



It wasn’t all easy, though. Geoff felt the lack of his wonderful Tilly particularly keenly when we were out wandering, with Reuben and Pebbles bouncing around the countryside.


It was good to be out though, and friends have a knack of helping you through difficult stuff and focusing more on the positive.


And Reuben was also a good friend to Pebbles.


CW2WMdXWcAAjgIwJames has done an excellent post about his new camper, here.

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