Another Bite Of The Pennine Bridleway

Last November, I made a start on the Pennine Bridleway. I’ve never intended to walk it in one go, but rather do bits now and then, and a few days ago decided to walk another couple of day’s worth.

I’ve always realised it’s not going to be the same as the Pennine Way, but nevertheless, still harbour a vague hankering after doing it as a contrasting route.

So, on Wednesday morning, I had Geoff drop me off at Blackwell and I followed the Way through to Peak Forest, where I camped in a tiny site for the night.

It doesn’t really need much of a description so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but I will say that I was very pleasantly surprised. I had a lovely day.




















Of course the sunny weather didn’t last into the second day, did it? Dry overnight, it then decided to rain all through breakfast time – so I had a wet fly taking the tent down – and the skies were quite murky.

The route was a bit different today, but as it’s very much on home territory I knew what to expect. The first half was tarmac – albeit very quiet roads – and then the second half was the Dimpus Gate track that goes over the edge of the moors from the Rushup Edge Road, down into Hayfield.

The weather did improve for the morning though.




On approaching the Dimpus Gate track, however, the skies suddenly turned absolutely black and thick cloud rolled in. A lively breeze got up and I was convinced it was going to throw it down but in actual fact it didn’t, although the temperature did start to feel rather autumnal.

A quick lunch on the track then and onwards to home. Definitely two seasons in one day.






11 thoughts on “Another Bite Of The Pennine Bridleway

  1. Good to see the Pennine Bridleway starts where the way should – in the White Peak. Always felt the Pennine way should start on Thorpe Cloud, the first true Pennine! 🙂


  2. Don’t get me started on the weather – it’s been really on and off hasn’t it. Worse in Scotland though – I’ve just had to wait 2 weeks to go up there and only really got one semi-fine day then.

    Glad to see some horses using it. Wonder what they think to that narrow canyon in your photo?


      1. Probably a good job – I think most horses would find that spooky! Yeah, agree with you about riding areas – when I had horses I could ride around here, there was nowhere to ride off the roads. Things are improving slowly I think…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Certainly not! 🙂 In fact when I did the Pennine Way, I did the first section over several weekends and then the section from Keld to Kirk Yetholm in one go, over a half term holiday. You just have to fit things in as best you can, don’t you 😀


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