Fog And Murky Stuff In The Cheviots

Chew Green, in the Otterburn Ranges, is a grand spot to spend a couple of nights in the vans.


And you don’t even have to move the vans to go for a wander; there are lots of route options from right there. So on the Saturday, Geoff wanted to do a longish bike ride, while I joined James for a 9 mile walk that he’d planned.

We started off by going down the road a little way, to Blindburn Bridge.


Anyone who knows the Coquet Valley though, will also know that it’s hardly a busy road. You’d be lucky if you saw any vehicles on it at all, other than the occasional military type.

Once at Blindburn Bridge, we picked up a path that followed the course of Blind Burn, up on to the tops.





I loved this ruin that we passed – Yearning Hall, apparently – and I’m sure it would be a fantastically, atmospheric spot for a wild camp.


But it did have a fence around it, with some ‘shell’ remains inside the enclosure, so maybe not!


A mile or so further and we hit the Pennine Way. Rather conveniently, this just happened to be the spot where the Lamb Hill refuge hut is.


And also, rather conveniently, it just happened to be lunchtime.



It’s a bit desperate in there. It would have to be an emergency for me to want to put my sleeping bag down on the benches, never mind the floor.


We’d picked up a bit of a lively breeze on the Border Ridge, but it soon calmed down as we headed west along the Pennine Way and lost a bit of height.



Pausing for the occasional tweet and phone call when a mobile signal blew in for a few seconds.




The next notable landmark that we came across, was the rather expansive site of the Chew Green Roman Camps and Fortlet. On a sunny day, you can spend a couple of hours happily exploring this area, picking out the lines of the various walls and enclosures, but today’s weather wasn’t really conducive to that.


And by now, we were on a bit of a mission really, to make sure that we got back down to the vans in time for afternoon tea and cakes!



10 thoughts on “Fog And Murky Stuff In The Cheviots

    1. I think you should definitely pack your thermals, Dawn!
      It’s a lovely, remote area isn’t it? We go there for a night or two in the van, surprisingly often really. Even when there’s firing on, it’s still always pleasant. Any military personnel you might bump into are always very friendly, and you hardly ever see anyone else. The doggies love it too 🙂


  1. Not an area I know well at all. I did wander through there once on a sort of alternative coast to Coast I walked. Having the vans is really very handy for this sort of thing isn’t it. When I come into money I shall get one, unfortunately I don’t think that’s ever likely to happen!


    1. Keep that ‘van plan’ in your head, Mark, because you never know…..
      Geoff had been wanting a van for years and I’d always resisted, but I can honestly say it’s one of the best things we’ve ever bought. Totally life changing 😀


  2. What Mark said!
    Looks like a cracking lonely valley with lots to explore. The van idea will be definite for us once the kids have buggered off. We’d one of those huge nasty beasts to accommodate all of us at the moment. I was eying up the smaller varieties at the Caravan show when I bought my new folding camper


    1. Smaller vans are certainly the way to go in our opinion. Ours is essentially delivery van sized and as such, we can go anywhere, park pretty much anywhere and pull-up for the night almost anywhere, relatively inconspicuously 🙂


  3. Despite all the mist and murk it was an enjoyable weekend. Glad that I was in the Bongo and not camping though, the nights would be very long in a tent!


    1. Yes, even though I’ve had a couple of nights camping recently, I do think the long nights are the main down side to camping this time of year.
      Still, as you say, it was a great van weekend, and I rather like foggy days anyway. 🙂 And of course the next walk we did was clear and dry…..!


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