Other Stuff Along The Way

When away on our travels around Europe, in the van, we inevitably come across lots of interesting stuff to stop and have a gander at. So, not a walking post for a change, but a few of the things we nosied at this summer.


The Last Post At Ypres, Belgium

Every evening since 1928 (except for a brief period during WWII) at 8pm, the Last Post is sounded at the Menin Gate, in a short ceremony.




Strepy-Thieu Boat Lift, Belgium

With a height difference of 73.15m between upstream and downstream, it is the tallest boat lift in the world.




The Ronquieres Inclined Plane, Belgium

This inclined plane is on the Brussels-Charleroi Canal and lifts boats 67.73m vertically, along a length of 1,432m. Boats go into a large bath-like thing which keeps them horizontal throughout the lift (or lower).




Durnbach War Cemetery

We were just looking for somewhere to pull over and stop for lunch, driving through Bavaria, when we happened on this small Commonwealth war cemetery. Totally surprised by the idea of Commonwealth graves actually in Germany, it made absolute sense when we realised they were principally the graves of airmen who had been shot down over the country.






Rogny Les Sept Ecluses

Here, there are seven old locks on the Briare Canal, which were part of a huge project designed by Henri IV in 1597, to unite the Mediterranean and the English Channel by a series of canals and rivers. They have now been superceded by a series of huge, modern locks, but are well worth a look. As with most stuff, we just happened on them by accident.






Aqueduc De La Vanne At Pont Sur Yonne

As far as I can work out, this aqueduct – south east of Paris – is still very much in use.






11 thoughts on “Other Stuff Along The Way

  1. Wow, very cool posting Chrissie. I really enjoyed learning about the lifts, the aqueduct and the very old canals and locks. Incredibly interesting! When I see feats of engineering from long ago and nature landscapes – it’s perfection! Great big virtual hug and chop kisses for Dixie and Tilly. :^)


    1. Thanks Karen! Stopping off at unexpected sights like that is one of the pleasures of road trips – we hardly ever charge down the Freeway just to get somewhere as quickly as we can 🙂
      Dixie and Tilly say hi to Wyatt Earp!


  2. As a child, a regular family weekend outing was a walk to Foxton Locks on the Grand Union Canal, where there is not only a large set of locks but where there was once also a substantial inclined plain. The latter was very overgrown when I was a kid, which made it all the more exciting, but it’s subsequently been restored. My Mum worked for a while for a Narrow Boat Rental company and we had a couple of canal holidays, so I’m always interested in canal related engineering projects. Needless to say, these modern lifts are on a bigger scale than Foxton.


    1. Well, you learn something everyday! I’ve just googled all that and it looks like it would be well worth a visit. Now I’m retired (she ducks to miss imaginary objects being hurled at her) I’ll put that on our list of potential trips 🙂


      1. It is nice. The pub there used to be good, but I haven’t been back for nearly 30 years, so can’t really recommend it!


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