Paws In The Alps – Part Two

So, we left Austria. In the rain. Three days of nearly solid driving took us back into France and to the Haut Jura, where we’d got lots of nice walking done last summer. We figured that the weather would be nicer here – which it was – and that the walking would once again suit us and the doggies – which it did.



And whilst we were no longer in The Alps proper, the hills were very scenic and the weather was hot and sunny.




With the area we stayed in being at around 3,000ft, temperatures were in the mid twenties during the day, dropping to around 4C at night.



The wild-van-camping was also good.



And we passed a very pleasant couple of weeks, just a-wandering and a-chilling.






It can be quite nice going back to an area you’ve visited before; aย sense of familiarity helping you slip straight into relaxing mode.





But, all too soon, it was time to start moving on again – this time back home.


16 thoughts on “Paws In The Alps – Part Two

  1. That looked great ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the doggy-cooling-off area (the trough) LOL! It’s nice to see so much unoccupied countryside isn’t it – I’m really missing that in England nowadays – it’s just getting so built up and crowded ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    If my Sunny ‘dies’, I must get myself a small camping van – I should have done that at the start of my Munro-bagging – would’ve saved a fortune!


    1. Life changing things are camper vans, Carol! The freedom is brilliant. Even in England we hardly ever use campsites, but just stop in out of the way spots.

      The countryside there is really quiet – and there are water troughs (or village fountains) all over the place for the doggies to cool off in ๐Ÿ™‚

      Near us, Kinder Scout is so busy on a weekend it’s practically a no-go area. You can hardly even find a spot to have a quiet wee!


  2. Delightful posting and photos Chrissie. I smiled all the way through. Your canine angels’ sheer enjoyment remind me to keep it simple. :^) Have a relaxed and very pleasant rest of your Friday and weekend!


    1. You’re right, Andy – it is rather nice. And quiet. There are other walkers around, but you don’t bump into many – in fact on most walks you don’t bump into any!

      Soon be Christmas – have you got a list of potential pressies sorted yet? ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I’m looking at the photos rather enviously. A great area to visit and I have only had 5 days off this year. Trying to get our house sold- nearly there but buyers solicitor taking forever with dozens & dozens of questions. Nearly into our 4 month of the process๐Ÿ˜• Have to wait until next year now!


    1. 5 days off is not much, Mark ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I remember trying to sell my mum’s house a few years back. It took 2 years to find a buyer and then when one did materialise, even though it was a cash sale with no chain, it still took 15 long, stressful weeks to complete. At one point I actually had an argument with our solicitor as I felt he was being far too awkward and putting stupid barriers that we could sort out (which we did on one occasion, much to his disgust) in the way of a smooth transaction – I told him I thought he was in danger of jeapordising the sale. Funnily enough, he never spoke to me again after that, but always contacted us via Geoff’s mobile…

      Good luck with it all!


      1. Thanks Chrissie. Stressful isn’t it! Lovely young couple who really want the place and the land. They have two horses & she works from home (I had an office built in the garden about 6 years ago so ticks all their boxes. Their solicitor is very picky and our seems rather slow! Side issues is that I am trying to look after two properties at weekends we bought the other house a while back- lots of grass to cut & 2 mortgages to pay!


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