Six Go Adventuring On Mystery Moor…..

….well, not exactly. More like Chrome Hill and a nearby campsite. But for reasons which I can’t remember, we had a brief discussion about Enid Blyton whilst out a-wandering and I’ve been unable to get Famous Five book titles out of my head ever since.

The campsite James had picked for a couple of nights – in the shadow of Chrome Hill – was very pleasant and peaceful,


but I think our rabble might have frightened someone else away mind, as when we all arrived on the Thursday evening another motorhome had also just turned up, and as I walked past them into the farmyard the woman in the van called to me that they had come here because they thought it would be quiet!

They only stayed one night. Must have been all the loud music we were playing until the early hours…….

A pleasant evening was had, with James showing us the Sarek map and the route he’d planned for next summer, and I seem to remember a bottle of whisky he’d brought was also involved. I did wake up on the Friday morning with a thumping headache, but I don’t think there was any connection.

Thankfully though, the weather on the Friday dawned dry and fresh, and we set off on an 8 mile wander which I’d made up. Chrome Hill was the first leg.



Not sunny, but still cracking views.




James seems to think he can spot a couple of rugged men in that last photo, but I’m not sure whereabouts he’s looking.

Well, even though the White Peak is very pretty, after Chrome Hill anything else is a bit of an anti-climax. I’d carefully studied the map a few days earlier however, and strung together a load of footpaths to make up an 8 mile circuit which would take us back to the campsite.



Somehow, though, I seemed to have picked all the paths in the area that didn’t look as though anyone had walked them this century.



But there wasn’t too much moaning in the ranks, and at least we saw some alpacas.



And an unexpected WWI memorial at the tiny hamlet of Brandside.


A bit more up-and-down followed,





before we neared Hollinsclough and the last leg of the route.




And for some strange reason, we all retired early that night without opening the whisky bottle.


20 thoughts on “Six Go Adventuring On Mystery Moor…..

  1. All good blogs start with a little story, whether directly related or indirect. 😉

    Its a lovely walking area. I, along with a largish group, did Parkhouse and Chrome Hills a couple of years ago. We stayed on farmland near Crowdicote.


    1. I briefly considered writing the whole thing in the style of Enid Blyton, but decided that was too much like hard work in the end!

      It’s a shapely hill though with good views, isn’t it? 🙂


  2. Or some alpacas saw you! They’re really nosey aren’t they – like cows 🙂

    I can imagine the Famous Five tackling that walk – I have all those books – bought them quite recently off Book Club and have really enjoyed reading them again. Adventure with no violence – just my sort of thing.

    Is Chrome Hill that quite vertigo-inducingly steep hill? I must get to the White Peak sometime and see it.


    1. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if they were alpacas or llamas – I just took a guess in the end!

      I know what you mean about the Famous Five – I used to love them. A wonderful, idyllic view of childhood adventures 🙂

      There are two hills right next to each other that look like giant shark fins – Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill. We were on Chrome Hill, but you can see Parkhouse in the background on the second photo. Parkhouse is slightly more vertigo inducing than Chrome, but we all decided that that wouldn’t be the best one to do with dogs on leads – especially Dixie who I can’t let off any more, and is always difficult going downhill as she pulls quite a lot.

      Yes, that woman did have a bit of a cheek! They certainly couldn’t have found anywhere quieter when they moved on 😀


    1. Thank you 🙂 My parents had two Boxers when I was born and I have continued to have them all my life. My current special Boxer – Dixie – is now rather old. She will be 13 on 5th November. She is still very fit, although on medication for arthritis, but she is now totally deaf. I can no longer let her off the lead for a run as she can’t hear me when I try to call her back!


  3. It’s a real surprise to find a proper mountain in the White Peak. I need to return now that Parkhouse Hill is on access land as it was private when I lived up that way. There is s superb circuit I managed to fashion from Longnor to take in Chrome Hill and High Wheeldon although looking at the map I can’t see the paths I took to get round the back of Chrome Hill


    1. Yes, Parkhouse didn’t become available till the CROW act.

      I had trouble trying to link all the paths up for an obvious circuit, too. Hence all the bushwacking we ended up doing…


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