I Appear To Have Bought Some Tickets

I appear to have bought some tickets – tickets that will take me into the far north of Sweden on an Arctic hiking adventure with James.

Sounds very exciting!

He’d better not start any of that Naked Hiker nonsense though, or I’ll be walking half a mile behind him.

25 thoughts on “I Appear To Have Bought Some Tickets

  1. There’s lots of it about up North. I will never forget my first experience of naked hikers. 3 lovely Norwegian ladies. We thought it quite unusual and wondered if it would catch on here. But thankfully No.


          1. Well I couldn’t actually ask them if I could take a photo. That would have been a bit naughty. But I wind you up not. They didn’t bat an eyelid and didn’t make any attempt to hide their modesty. It wasn’t the only time we have have seen nude hikers in Scandinavia, we also came across a couple in Iceland and one in Northern Spain too.
            I had no inclination to join in.


  2. Hi Chrissie, thanks for you comment on my blog. I wouldnt worry about bears in Sarek too much. On the route you are going you’ll be passing through prime boreal forest around Kvikkjokk, the guidebook notes there are bears there. However, they are little European browns and are generally fairly shy. There are fatalities in Sweden from time to time but these normally occur as a result of bears being threatened in a hunting context (typically at this time of year when elk hunting takes place and dogs corner then). I think as a hiker you dont need to take any precautions so carry on as you would in the UK. I think your first nights camp might be out of the thick pine/spruce and up towards open fells.


    1. Hi Mark, thanks for getting back so quickly! I’m planning on having a really good look at your blog this evening – the photos look amazing.
      So, in spite of the fact that the scenery appears very Alaskan, there’s no need to spend rest breaks back-to-back, armed with pepper spray, on continual look-out for approaching grizzlies then! Hubby and I did a four day trip in Alaska once, and had a grizzly sleep within 100 yards of our tent one night. It left us alone though. There was a couple one day in front of us on the trail though, who were hospitalized due to a grizzly attack, when they unwittingly bumped into a mother and her cub.
      We’ve also had a few close encounters in Yosemite, but unfortunately the bears there are totally habituated to humans.
      I’m really looking forward to our trip – should be great 🙂


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