A Bit Of A Windy Night On Kinder….James…..

Well, sometimes stuff changes and plans are quickly altered, and before I knew it a mini-backpack was put together for last Saturday night. James, Reuben and Yuri duly turned up at our house in the afternoon and after a muffin or two, we were all set to take the steepest route possible out of Hayfield and on to Kinder.



Having been on a bit of a spending spree after Christmas, I had several new items to try out backpacking:

1) A new Superlite Voyager Tent

2) A RAB Neutrino 600 sleeping bag

3) A Neoair X-Therm mattress

4) An Osprey Kyte 66 rucsac, and a

5) RAB Neutrino Endurance down jacket.



Nearly forgot, I also had a Mountain House Chicken with Noodles in Black Bean Sauce to try.



An excellent spot was found, with fantastic views. Only trouble was, it was about a 10 mile walk to get water…….. Still, Yuri offered to go and get it all for me, so Dixie and I guarded the tents while Yuri, James and Reuben wandered off to a distant spring.



Now I know a RAB Neutrino Endurance duvet jacket is no lightweight backpackers item but it was a tad breezy out there, with a bit of an arctic wind, and I have to say it was extremely cozy. I was very pleased I’d bothered to carry it up. And when we retired for the night, Dixie was also very pleased that I’d taken it.


The Chicken in Noodles and Black Bean Sauce was another matter, though. I won’t be buying that again.

It continued to be pretty breezy for most of the night, although I did sleep well, only stirring a handful of times.

The tent was brill – I knew it would be mind, I’ve had two other Voyagers in the past – giving me and Dixie plenty of space for both us and all our gear. Even when I’m on my own I rather like the extra space in a tent like this, allowing me to drag everything inside without feeling squashed.

And as for the RAB Neutrino  600 sleeping bag and the Neoair X-Therm, positive luxury! I always sleep in lightweight thermals (keeps the bag clean), but by midnight I was so hot I had to half undo the zip and cool down for a while. (Yes, I am of a certain age as well, but it wasn’t all that.)

I have a couple of other Neoairs – the original model and an All Seasons – but I got this one for its light weight and high R-value – 5.7 apparently. I have to say that it did feel so toasty, like it really was reflecting all the heat back to me.

I inevitably had to get up around 6am, so took a few snaps at the same time.



Dixie said she wanted a lie in, and never stirred at all while I made the first cuppa of the day.

She also said she wasn’t going to eat her breakfast outside in that cold wind either, so I let her have it in bed for a treat.

We all kind of surfaced slowly, enjoying the sun starting to warm the air. There was no particular rush.



We all got motivated eventually though, and Yuri set off to walk to Glossop whilst James and I went off round the edge path on a circuitous route back to Hayfield.



The weather was delightful; in fact it got so warm in the afternoon that I even took my Paramo jacket off.


My new rucsac was so comfortable I forgot about it – which was nice.


And there were even some blueberry muffins left when we got back to the house.


And the reference to James in the title? Let’s just say, I was glad my tent was miles away from his overnight.

James has, however, done his own excellent write up of events, over here.

16 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Windy Night On Kinder….James…..

  1. Fantastic Chrissie, looks like you had fun. The problem i find with my neoair is actually blowing it up.At times it makes me giddy.It is fun having new kit to play with..


  2. I can inform you that the wind situation has now been resolved, must have been the king prawns the night before.

    What did I learn that weekend? Don’t listen to Yuri with regards to timings or distance. I think that a 45 mins walk is a bit too far to go and collect water. It was not ‘just round the corner’.

    Reuben is still knackered.


    1. Bet Corrina was relieved that the worst of the wind was in Derbyshire rather then Nottingham.

      Poor Reuben. After all, he went to get the water with you. All those miles he shouldn’t have had to walk!

      Dixie’s had a rest today. Went straight back to bed after her breakfast, she did.


  3. LOL to the photo of Dixie borrowing your new jacket 😉

    I bought a Neo-Air mattress for my next bothying trip but haven’t tried it yet. I did try my mate’s on the last bothy trip though and found it pretty comfy so went out and got one. A lot smaller and lighter than the self-inflating one I used to carry around. Of course, I still have to blow it up though – haven’t tried that yet either. Not sure which model it is…

    I could do with a lightweight single tent – I got a tent (which I haven’t used yet) a few years ago but it wasn’t really a particularly lightweight one. Think I’m going to have to use it this year for a foray into the Cairngorms from the north which I’m planning in summer.


    1. Dixie can be a bit fidgety in the tent at times, but she never moved all night with my down jacket over her……. 🙂

      And you’d better watch out getting this all this extra gear Carol, you’ll be a backpacker before you know it!


      1. I don’t envisage me using the tent much in Britain – I can’t stand the thought of getting wet all day and then scrunching myself up in a tent for the evening. I like bothying better as then I can get changed and dry my clothes over a roaring fire. I’m a softie really!


  4. Fabulous posting, photos and videos as always Chrissie. Looks like a great fun adventure. I wish Wyatt Earp would eat his kibble like Dixie did. His highness prefers I warm up little pieces of roast turkey or chicken with a little bit of water and make a “gravy” to mix into his kibble. Wyatt loves his blankets (or an old flannel shirt) over him. Same thing with just his snoot poking out. Your travel tales are such a delight and are such an enjoyable read! Great big virtual hugs and chop kisses for Dixie and Tilly from Karen and Wyatt Earp the Boxer. :^)


    1. Thanks Karen 🙂
      Dixie has actually changed her eating habits since Tilly appeared on the scene. Before Tilly, we used to have a Border Collie called Ragga. Ragga took life extremely seriously – including her food – and was an incredibly fussy eater and Dixie used to copy this. We would frequently find that the pair of them had left half their dinners. Now we have a waste disposal unit masquerading as a Labrador, Dixie eats anything that’s put in front of her!
      I’m sure she wouldn’t say no to some chicken and turkey in a warm gravy, mind…. Wyatt has good taste 🙂


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