What A Gorgeous Day! – or – We’ll Be Knee Deep In Snow Now Next Week

Well,  the forecast was for lovely, sunny weather and they were right. Not even spring-like, more summer-like in fact.

And Rich Flint was coming up to the Peaks for the day, so after he arrived a walk was quickly put together over a cup of tea in the kitchen.

First plan was to take Dixie with us. She was a bit tired though. She’d done 8 miles yesterday, then she’d fallen off the sofa this morning and landed on the floor with a thump, and she still has her buttons in her ear (due out tomorrow though), so plan number two was to take Tilly instead. Geoff was out for most of the day on a cycle ride – training for the C2C at Easter – so I duly put Dixie’s Cone of Shame back on and immediately felt extremely guilty at leaving her.

Walking up out of Hayfield in the sunshine, we were straight away rewarded with superb views of Kinder. Hazy, but how nice to have a heat haze!


We climbed up along Dimpus Gate; an ancient trackway which takes you between the summits of Mount Famine and South Head.

DSC04243 DSC04245 DSC04246

As you crest this track on the far side of South Head, there’s a path off to the left which crosses the moor off towards Brown Knoll. Always boggy, you spend time navigating around some wet, muddy bits for a while, before finally picking up some of the dreaded flagstones, half-way along.

We passed a fair number of folk out and about, even though this is one of the quieter routes up Kinder. Kinder Plateau and the main routes up can be like rush hour on the M1 these days.

We didn’t cross the fence and go to the Brown Knoll trig point, but stayed on the main path, having a sunny break for  lunch shortly before reaching the top of Jacob’s Ladder.

Tilly was very well behaved and didn’t steal anything out of anyone’s rucsac, or drink my tea and put her tennis ball in my cup – like she did yesterday.

DSC04250 DSC04251

As we approached the Edale Cross track, the crowds started to appear, homing in on the junction from every direction.


And once at the track, Rich continued on to the plateau to go around the edge path and down William Clough. Tilly and I turned in the general direction of home, so as to rescue poor Dixie before too many hours had past and she was having to sit cross legged, wishing someone would appear to let her out in the garden.

DSC04259 DSC04260

We didn’t stick to the track all the way down though, but rather turned off to contour around the side of Kinder Low End.



Kinder Low End is where a few of us had a rather chilly night out, last winter.



The path across Broad Clough was taken, and then we toddled down through the fields above Upper House, with grand views of William Clough and the reservoir.




And on arriving back home, we rescued Dixie from the Cone of Shame and let her out into the back garden, where she promptly did the longest wee in the history of dogkind.


14 thoughts on “What A Gorgeous Day! – or – We’ll Be Knee Deep In Snow Now Next Week

  1. Poor Dixie – I do hope she gets better soon.

    Your local countryside looks pretty good – unfortunately, I don’t want to get attached to another area so I’m afraid I’m pretty much trying not to visit it!

    We hoped we’d get some of that nice weather they forecast but we only saw the sun for around an hour on Saturday and nothing at all today 😦

    LOL to Tilly dropping a nice, slavery ball in your cuppa! 😉


    1. Thank-you! I think I’ve come to the conclusion over the years too, that a doggy is one of the essential items of hill walking kit that you should never leave at home 🙂


  2. Chrissie, your post brought proof that Spring will arrive soon. Lovely photos and videos as always and an enchanting story too. Virtual hugs and chop kisses for Dixie and Tilly. :^)


    1. Thanks Karen – there is a lovely feel at the moment that spring might actually be just around the corner. Hope the signs are starting to appear over there with you, too 🙂


    1. And what a disgusting, horrible, mouldy-looking ball it was too, Andy! Geoff said he would have continued to use the cup if it had been his, but I certainly wasn’t going to!


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