Wind, Rain, Bogs – And A Bit Of Sun – On Dartmoor

Last week was Derbyshire’s half term holiday for us teachers around here, so we journeyed down for our first ever proper trip to Dartmoor.





We had a great trip and really only scratched the surface of all the wonderful walking that’s obviously available in the area.






I had planned on having a night out wild camping whilst down there, but in the end the weather just wasn’t inspiring enough somehow, especially with a cozy campervan to sleep in instead.





We had some super day walks though, and I just couldn’t do a post about Dartmoor without mentioning the Fox Tor Café, in Princetown. With three separate visits for amazing cakes and scones, and another visit for a magnificent breakfast, we practically moved in!






All in all an excellent trip – despite the weather – only marred by the fact that we had to take Dixie to the vet on two occasions to have her poor swollen ear drained. Luckily it never interfered with her natural exuberance for walks and adventures though; she wasn’t going to let a little thing like that hold her back.



And a good time was had by all.



14 thoughts on “Wind, Rain, Bogs – And A Bit Of Sun – On Dartmoor

  1. Ah yes, Dartmoor – warmer than Moffat but much wetter. I went there in September (ish) and got soaked through to the undies. Its a long way to go to get wet…. Nice report, though..


  2. That was some bog in about the 3rd photo. What is the tor in the first picture? And is that cross near Princetown? I car-camped one night near that cross but the next morning woke up with ‘flu and, after a short walk to the nearest tor, had to drive home again 😦


    1. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure that tor is Roos Tor. There were about three tors close together on a bit of a ridge and we visited all of them. And you’re right, that cross is Nun’s Cross, a couple of miles south of Princetown. If I’d spent a night out in the tent, Nun’s Cross was where I was going to go – a lovely spot, actually.


    1. Dixie wasn’t too happy the time she got quite deeply stuck in a bog though – neither was I actually, as I couldn’t really get to her to help her! I think she must have been watching a documentary on how to get out of quicksand and the like though, cos she did all the right things and kicked her legs like she was swimming, and it worked 🙂


  3. Fabulous posting as always Chrissie, that brought great big smiles. I laughed at how Tilly figured out how to carry such a long stick sideways like that. Well done! Your photos are so beautiful and I especially loved the ones of Dixie and Tilly napping in the van. Big virtual hug and chop kisses for the canine angels!


    1. Thank you Karen 🙂 Stick carrying is one of Tilly’s many skills, though she doesn’t always get the shape and space aspect of it quite right, and we sometimes end up being whacked on the leg with a big piece of wood!
      The doggies love curling up together for a doze after a good walk. They send Wyatt Earp a Jumbone from each of them.


  4. Dartmoor is a cracking place Chrissie, looks like you and the dogs had a good time. You will have to return for a backpack, the best way to explore the moor. Lots of good camping spots.


    1. Dixie and I got all packed up ready for a night out, on the Tuesday morning, as there was a good (dry!) forecast for that night. But by mid-afternoon it started raining, and raining, and raining – and eventually I got so fed up I unpacked everything! The draw of the van was just too much in the face of torrential rain…….
      I definitely would like to go back again though and camp out at some of those fantastic spots 🙂
      Not too sure about a night out at the ruined church at grid ref 666 666 mind.


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