25 thoughts on “Assault On Goat Fell – Five Humans And Three Dogs Brave The Elements……

  1. A mixed bag of weather it seems but cracking photos and a real sense of out in the wilds! Alas I need to get me and my pooch out on the mountains again soon….its been way too long!


    1. It was a bit of a ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ walk – but great fun! James and Reuben went up a couple of hours later (we passed them going up as we were going down), and their lie in definitely paid off weather wise 🙂


      1. Sometimes it does pay off to have a lie in 🙂 I seem to have had the bad end of early starts lately but I am sure it will even up eventually!


  2. I remember that walk-in. 😦

    For all I’ve walked most areas south of the Great Glen that walk-in to Goatfell felt never ending for some reason. It seemed like the view never changed for hours. Bad luck with the weather ’cause the views around the ridge from the summit are pretty special. We did it on a sunny summer’s day…spectacular…as were the enormous black flies. Hmm…maybe you were lucky after all.

    Love the 40m long leads (photo2) 😉


    1. It’s funny, we all remarked how the walk out seemed never ending! Too busy with heads down, forging into the wind/rain/sleet/hail on the way up perhaps…….

      Notice how the chocolate dollop’s the only one off the lead too, standing there looking smug with a stick in her mouth 🙂


  3. That summit photo speaks volumes 🙂
    4 seasons in one day? I thought there were only 3 types of Scottish weather. It’s just about to rain, its just stopped raining, and its raining


    1. It’s got a bit of atmosphere that summit photo, hasn’t it! In fact now I look more closely at it, Dixie has a very long suffering expression on her beautiful little face……..maybe she’s heard about there only being 3 types of Scottish weather too……


  4. Any mention of “not rain” results in a visit from the inquisition followed by burning at the stake. However there have been no recorded deaths as a result of this process due to the very soggy nature of the kindling. 😦


  5. Great pics, as always!
    Love how Dixie’s face is the only one in focus in the ‘moist’ group shot, and the chocolate lab carrying her own water bottle 🙂
    Is that ‘HMS Vixen’ etched in to the stone by the trig pillar?


    1. Thanks! Don’t know how Dixie managed to get in focus there, and Tilly finds plastic bottles to carry absolutely everywhere! A sad reflection of our littering society really.

      That inscription is HMS Vixen, although I hadn’t noticed it ’till you mentioned it. Have just googled it and apparently a crew member of the ship (which lies shipwrecked off the coast of Bermuda), inscribed it in the rock in 1936:


      Thanks for pointing that out to me! 🙂


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