Turning 60 On Arran

Well, someone had a birthday last week and a select band of friends plus a couple of random relatives, all converged on the island of Arran to help Geoff celebrate his big day.

We had wild weather, sunny weather, rainbows, cold weather, the odd snow shower, lots of rain and a fantastic time.

We wild van camped, wandered through forests, climbed Goat Fell, ate lots of chilli, drank an obscene amount of alcohol (not me of course), ran about on beaches, went mountain biking, told ghost stories and visited ancient standing stones.

It was great, and many thanks to all who came and helped make it a special week for us.

Must find an excuse to do something similar again soon…….





















And if you fancy reading Geoff’s version of the week’s events, hop on over to his blog.

And if you want to know what James got up to during the week, have a look here.

18 thoughts on “Turning 60 On Arran

  1. Ah…Arran! I was stranded overnight on Arran once with another 10 walkers and 2 dogs – an accident meant the bus couldn’t make the last ferry. Been on Goatfell on a nice sunny day though – great views…oops…you did get views? Just checked my own photos…yes…looks like at least one of the photos definitely shows a view towards Brodick. 😀 Weather looked mixed but you seemed to pack a lot in. Many happy returns to the 60th birthday boy! It’s mine next year. 😦


  2. Hi Ken! I’m sure there must be worse places to be stranded than Arran, although I suppose it depends on where you ended up spending the night!

    Yes, we did have a couple of good views on Goat Fell, in between the snow, rain and clouds……….great fun though 🙂

    Are you planning anything special for your 60th then?


    1. We were lucky…the club that I had met up with had a member on Arran with a very large house. Luckily she was at home and put up all of us!

      No plans for the 60th…no money left after getting the pups! 😆


  3. Arran’s always worth a visit – just about my favourite Scottish island. Your photos were jumping around a bit – I was having a ‘guess the photo’ game with them and got quite confused!

    60’s one thing I won’t be celebrating – I took exception to my 30th 😉


    1. Hi Carol! Yes, I deliberately put the photos on in a totally random order, just to see if you’d notice!

      Arran was certainly worth the journey for all sorts of reasons, but we do need to visit more of the islands so that we can carry out proper comparisons of them all…… 🙂


      1. Arran is supposed to be king for variety – and I’d probably agree. But I think it’s neat that, in the Outer Hebrides, the west side of the islands is almost totally coastal machair and the east side is almost totally desolate and beautiful mountains 🙂


  4. Hi Chrissie and thank you for another fabulous posting. Your beautiful photos started me thinking about my own 60th in a couple of years. Lots of time to plan, right? Great big virtual hugs and chop kisses for Dixie and Tilly!


    1. Hi Karen, never to early to start planning! I think Geoff likes these monumental birthdays – for his 50th, eleven of us went to Yosemite for 3 weeks, and then this wonderful week for nine of us for his 60th……can’t wait to see what he has planned for his 70th 🙂

      A Scooby snack or two for Wyatt Earp…….


  5. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend Chrissie. A big thanks to Geoff for inviting me along. Reuben has now fully recovered and is able to walk once more……….


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