And So, The Intrepid Duo Moved Into The Vosges

It was time to move on. We’d been in the Juras for over a fortnight and felt we needed to explore another area as well. The doggies suggested the Vosges – rounded, forested mountains to the north of the Juras, near the German border. With the journey northwards came a return to the higher daytime temperatures, but luckily it still cooled down overnight.

Another great walking area, there were hundreds of miles of hiking trails to explore.

Routes through trees



and routes on the tops.



Routes through scenic villages



and routes past deserted refuges, just perfect for a lunch break.


Some days were cool and wet


and some days were really hot.

Several of the routes visited ancient ruins





and some passed by Fermes Auberges, where a nice cool drink could be had.



We found a couple of lovely, peaceful campsites


and the doggies were very happy.

But something I’d really like to know the answer to is, why is one dog always clean when we get back to the van, whereas the other one is always filthy?


About chrissiedixie

Love being out on the moors and mountains, backpacking, dogs, travelling generally. Favourite place in the world - Yosemite National Park. Retired teacher and ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Team Leader. Married to Geoff, who puts up with all sorts.
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13 Responses to And So, The Intrepid Duo Moved Into The Vosges

  1. southwestdesertlover says:

    Enchanting post that was such a delightful, enjoyable read, Chrissie. Maybe the answer to your question about one clean dog, etc. is that there is SO much good stuff to roll around in…;^) Your stories are so wonderful, and with lovely photos and videos too – I’m always smiling and feeling so good after reading your posts. Can’t wait for the next one. Big virtual hugs and some chop kisses for Dixie and Tilly!


    • You say the nicest things, Karen! You’re right about the rolling in stuff though – Dixie doesn’t do so much of that these days, whereas Tilly actively seeks out the smelliest, dirtiest things she can find, every single walk!

      Dixie and Tilly send a giant Jumbone to Wyatt Earp 🙂


  2. MrsBoardwell says:

    Would it be totally wrong to want to sit outside one of those Auberges @ 7:56am………?


  3. Dawn says:

    Looks absolutely fantastic,wonderful scenery and great photos…


  4. Mary and I love this area, I think we have been 4 times, an area of France which is not so well visited as the South and West. Looking at the photos makes me want to go again! Good stuff


    • Thanks Mark 🙂 It is a gorgeous spot isn’t it? Not too busy either, as well as the fantastic scenic stuff. Don’t know if you’ve read our ‘Part One’ post on the Jura Mountains, but I say in that that we’re really tempted to visit again in the winter, with the snow shoes and cross country skis. Bet it would be amazing!


  5. I’m sure the clean dog versus the dirty dog is an age thing! 😉


  6. surfnslide says:

    Ah, dogs rolling in poo before getting in car for a journey home, I remember it only too well!
    We spent a day in the Vosges a few years back on the way home from Provence, very nice it was too. What was that temple looking thing by the way, very intriguing


    • I sometimes think it’s a bit worrying just how used you get to the smell of fox poo etc……..

      That temple thingy is on a top called Le Donon. It’s the site of some Roman and Celtic ruins, and as you climb up you pass all sorts of interesting stuff. The actual temple though, is not Roman. As far as I can work out it was built much later, in 1869, on the site of the ancient Celtic altar. I found something on google, in rather strange English:

      There’s also more stuff in French if you’re happy reading it.


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