Dixie And Tilly Are All Packed

As you can see, Dixie and Tilly are very excited. They’re all packed, there’s more dog food than human food in the van, their passports have been checked and they can’t wait to be off. Just a couple more days, then it’s off to France for 6 weeks.


Tilly has been learning some key French phrases such as:

‘Do you sell Jumbones?’

‘Of course I could eat two!’

‘Where might I find a dead seagull?’ (See last year’s post, ‘The Labrador And The Seagull’) and

‘Have you got any spare bits of food, my mummy and daddy don’t feed me enough?’

Dixie says she can’t be bothered learning any French, she’ll just bark louder.

We have no real plans, but are just hoping to find nice places to walk – maybe in the Massif Central, the Alps and Jura. We’ve done bits in the Alps before, but not the other two areas. Yuri (from Twitter), has given us lots of information about Jura though, and it looks rather nice.

Anyway, I might tweet the odd thing, but the blog’ll be very quiet ’till September. Hope everyone out there has a fantastic summer – we’ll soon be on the countdown to Christmas again!!!

18 thoughts on “Dixie And Tilly Are All Packed

  1. Have a wonderful holiday, safe travels and take some extra memory for lots of photos. “See” you in September. Great big virtual “Bon Voyage” hugs and kisses on the chops for Dixie and Tilly from Karen and Wyatt Earp the Boxer. :^)


  2. It sounds like such a great trip! I wish you well and good travels. Hopefully you guys find some excellent places to hike and will come back with excellent pictures to post and tales to write about. Have fun!


    1. Hi Jerry, thanks for commenting! Thanks for your good wishes too. I’ve just been having a quick look at your blog and love those photos from the Rockies. Will have a more detailed look and read later 🙂


      1. 2 weeks today, can’t wait! Mind you I am off to North Wales for a few days tonight for some beach fun with the family and hopefully a bit of walking if the weather cools down a bit


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