One Week In Kielder





















17 thoughts on “One Week In Kielder

    1. You vacate a chair for a second in our household – and you’ve lost it!

      Don’t know the answer to the troops thing – how would anyone tell if you were a troop off duty anyway?!


    1. I do know what you mean. The midges were virtually non-existent this week, but two years ago when I was doing the Pennine Way (same week again), I took a detour through Kielder for a night and also had the most horrendous midge experience ever! Even poor Dixie was suffering – at one point all I could see on her face were two eyes sticking out from a mass of the blighters. Not the best camp of the trip!


  1. A Whit week escape? Weather looks fine and it looks very quiet. I’d be interested in your views on the Kielder area – to my (ill-informed?) mind it’s synonymous with commercial forestry and therefore not somewhere I’d think of visiting.


    1. It is really quiet Mark – especially once you get away from the res – and even more so over the autumn and winter months. (We’ve been several times over the years.)
      Of course it is a commercial forest and there is a huge reservoir in the middle of it, but the larger Kielder area also covers big swathes of pretty isolated upland moors too. It’s easy to look at a map and make your own walks up – we often have a bit of tree walking plus some moorland stuff on an average wander. I don’t actually mind the forest myself – and some of the paths through it can be a bit of a bushwacking type, although there are obviously tracks too. If you really don’t like the forest aspect of it, you probably wouldn’t want to visit, but it does offer days of great walking when you will see absolutely nobody!


  2. The usual fantastic photos. There is a rumor that you have connections with whomsoever controls the weather??? Love the photo of Dixie, one comfy dog.


    1. Thanks Dawn ๐Ÿ™‚ It does seem like rather nice weather seems to be following us around at the moment, but I don’t think it’s me; I think it’s ‘cos Geoff rather likes Carol Kirkwood on the BBC weather team!


  3. Quite a lot of varied terrain, for an area known just for conifer forests. Stayed there awhile back and the midges were bad, but no worse than the West coast of Scotland. BTW great photos.


    1. There is quite a lot of varied terrain in the wider Kielder area and I suspect that not everyone necessarily realises that – I think you just have to plan your walks to include some of those hills and moorland spots. I know we were very pleasantly surprised the first time we visited. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Looks like you had a nice week Chrissie. I have only been to Kielder once and enjoyed the solitude on a hot sunny weekend in July. Keep planning on a bothy trip there in the winter. Did you find lots of good spots for the van?


    1. Since some friends came up with their van too, we did actually use the caravan site in Bellingham, although as you know our default is always to wild camp. Since we last van-wild-camped up there, the powers that be have shut some of the spots off with barriers, but we do still know of a couple of nice hideaways that are still ‘available’ to use!

      I think you may have to choose bothies carefully in the area. We passed Roughside on one of our walks and had a look in, but it was a bit dire! I suspect that some are probably a little too accessible!


    1. There are still some secluded patches of ancient woodland in the wider Kielder area, not just commercial planting and I believe the forestry commission have plans to reintroduce this type of habitat on a larger scale. Also the forest is home to around 50% of the UK’s red squirrels.


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