Walking Above Huisinis

Pete and Fiona (and Dougal), had given us lots of excellent tips on where to go/camp/walk, and so for our first night on Harris we followed their advice and headed off to Huisinis. Situated at the end of an 11 mile long single track road, this tiny settlement is next to the most fabulous beach – perfect for wild van camping.


It really was a most amazing spot and one night was never going to be enough, so we instantly decided that two nights there would be an absolute minimum.


And of course a walk in the immediate area on the day in between, was an essential.

We had gone on our travels armed with a Cicerone walking guide – Walking on Harris and Lewis, by Richard Barrett. Over a cup of tea (!), we studied the book and discovered that walk number 15 would fit the bill perfectly.

Not too early the next morning then, we set out from Huisinis on the start of the route, around a headland.


We were headed initially for an abandoned township known as Crabhadail.


A locked hut is all that now remains amongst the ruins of the old stone buildings.


We had lunch there (I told you we hadn’t set off too early), and soaked up the views and the atmosphere, before moving on round to a beach on the sea loch of Loch Crabhadail.



Isn’t the colour of that water just amazing? And Tilly just can’t resist a ‘swimming hole’…..


The route then turned and continued up Glen Cravadale along the southern shore of Loch a Ghlinne, before finally climbing to a bealach.


Part way along, Tilly found a skeleton of a stag, complete with antlers which Geoff tried to saw off the skull. He finally gave up when I said there was no way any antlers were going back in the van with us………


Climbing ever higher, the views behind us opened out to the sea in the distance.


Once at the bealach, the route almost turned back on itself to continue over four tops on the way back to Huisinis. The first short pull was up to Beidig.


And of course following that, was the inevitable descent before a much sharper pull on to the summit of Huiseabhal Mor.



The next bit of up-and-down took us to the summit of Oireabhal, from where you could really see how this part of the island juts out into the sea.


And the final top of the day was Huiseabhal Beag, from where we picked our way down the south west slopes back to Huisinis.



If you look really carefully at this next photo, you might be able to spot the van in the little car park at the near end of the beach.


What a day and what an introduction to Harris! I think even the dogs could tell that this was the start of a magical holiday. They had run themselves ragged around the 9 miles of the route – even my special eleven year old Dixie, who had been off the lead for much of the day due to the lack of sheep about.

She did rather collapse in a heap, though, when we got back to the van….


24 thoughts on “Walking Above Huisinis

  1. I feel homesick from when I did live there (the Uists anyway)! Haven’t actually been to Husinish myself nor done that walk but then I haven’t done half enough on Harris. I never seem to get great weather on Harris for mountain-walking – always really low cloud – and, with the compass anomalies round and about on the island, that doesn’t make for good mountain days!

    Love the Dixie photo at the end – that dog sure does know how to relax! 😉


    1. I did think about you while we were there, as I thought I’d remembered something about you being on the islands at some point in your life.

      We did actually have one day of rain, snow and low cloud, but basically we were so lucky with the weather. I’m sure it could have been very different!

      Yes, relaxing is one of the things Dixie has improved at as she’s got older! Even at rest breaks whilst on a walk, she sometimes goes into ‘deep sleep’ mode. She really is a little superstar – she’s already pretty elderly for a boxer, but doesn’t let anything stop her trying to continue like a daft youngster. I’m certainly not going to stop her either – I want her to be diving around the hills, having fun, for as long as she possibly can!


  2. Huisinis is a lovely spot – we had a drive out there on the 2011 trip, but it was blowing a ‘houlie’ and we didn’t stay there long enough to get a walk in – Next time!!


  3. Wonderful writing and marvelous photographs, as always. :^) It looks like a thoroughly enjoyable trip. Dixie found quite the comfortable napping place. Wyatt Earp the Boxer makes himself comfortable wherever he is too!


  4. Absolutely sensational! Those views and those beaches are just awesome. One day when I’ve sold the kids into slavery I’ll be buying a motorhome and spending several weeks exploring Outer Hebrides. Waiting for the next post with eager envy 🙂


    1. Thanks again Andy! I think it almost took us by surprise just how wonderful it was. The weather did help, but I’m sure we’d still have found it brill whatever.

      You know it’s funny, ever since we got our van, our neighbours have been mulling over the idea of getting one too. A couple of months ago they finally took the plunge and got one like ours, only four berth. They have a couple of older teenagers and they’ve already had some good trips with the whole family. Their kids, though, have reached the age where they don’t always want to be with mum and dad, and are old enough and sensible enough to be left at home, so they are already discovering the joys of peaceful weekends away! In fact, they’re currently in the Lakes as I speak… 🙂


  5. Hope that your first photo is not of your wild van camp, you may be blocking the road there a bit. Or were you kicked out of the van as Geoff was driving off?

    Mmmm those beaches. Reckon that Reuben could have fun running around on them.


  6. That’s what he does when he’s had enough of me chattering – kicks me out the van and makes me walk.

    Yep, I reckon those beaches were just made for doggies. Dixie and Tilly reckoned so too.


  7. Oh my, that looks idyllic! An amazing place and it looks like you were blessed with the weather!
    I’m rather liking Dixie’s harness! And I love the pic of her crashed out at the end ❤


    1. Hi, many thanks for commenting! It was a wonderful trip!
      Dixie loves her harness, she gets lots of nice comments from people when she’s wearing it. The handle on the back alone has been worth every penny – perfect for helping an aged boxer over stiles and awkward rocky bits! 🙂


  8. I can see the pictures in this section but no script.Problem is on my end I suspect as my pc has been very naughty this past few months and I`ve had to reformat the darn thing eventually.Huishnish is beautiful,isn`t it ? Camped here about 20 years ago with a friend who has passed away since.Really must go back 🙂


    1. Hi Alex, I’ve not heard of anyone else having any problems with the script, but the photos are much better than the writing anyway!
      It is a wonderful place isn’t it? We’d just to love to go back. I quite fancy it in wild weather too!
      It must have some bittersweet memories for you since your friend has now passed away – I seem to have lots of memories like that having lost both my parents fairly recently – but the memories are still good to have, aren’t they? 🙂


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