Easter In The Hebrides

So, back at work today, after having spent the Easter fortnight in the Outer Hebrides. And what an amazing time we’ve had exploring the Isles of Lewis and Harris.

We took it easy with the driving – enjoying the generous hospitality of the Writes of Way Gang both on the way up and the way back – and had a wonderfully smooth crossing on the ferry from Uig in Skye, to Tarbert in Harris.

The weather was absolutely fantastic, perfect for walking and exploring, and not a midge in sight either!

We feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface of the area though,ย and can’t wait to go back again and do more.

It’s going to take me a few days to start sorting any walking posts from the trip, but here areย a few random photos to hopefully whet the appetite.














About chrissiedixie

Love being out on the moors and mountains, backpacking, dogs, travelling generally. Favourite place in the world - Yosemite National Park. Retired teacher and ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Team Leader. Married to Geoff, who puts up with all sorts.
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20 Responses to Easter In The Hebrides

  1. dustyrei says:

    Try the Island Hopping the other Islands are fantastic


  2. NIce one Chrissie. Looks a superb trip.


  3. southwestdesertlover says:

    What gorgeous photographs and I can’t wait to see and read more about your latest trip. Big virtual hugs and a kiss on Dixie’s chops!


  4. Looking forward to reading about it Chrissie – we went to Harris in May 2011 and didn’t get any hill time at all, in fact it was a trial to walk at sea level due to the winds!

    I posted it as #28 on my blog.


  5. backpackingbongos says:

    Not sure if all that is for me. Beaches, moorland and mountains, all under a blue sky.

    Nah, reckon I would have a horrid time………..


  6. MrsBoardwell says:

    We had VDub fun on the Isle of Skye late last summer. If I didn’t love Wales so much….Scotland would be Plan B! I’ve heard that some of the beaches on Lewis were actually used in tourist brochures for New Zealand, not sure how true? But as we haven’t been to Lewis and/or Harris before am defo looking forward to your posts ^_^


    • Actually we spent 2 nights on Skye on the way up and did a liitle wander there too – nothing major but very pleasant nevertheless. I have to say aswell that Lewis and North Harris in particular were just the most idyllic places for wild camping with the van!
      Wonder if that is true about the beaches?


  7. Ken Brown says:

    If it’ was only half as good as our trip up there a couple of years back then you’ll have lots to write about. Looking forward to hearing about your exploits. ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. I’m pleased you had a good holiday. It certainly looks like you had the weather on your side, not like the Peaks and much of the higher ground of England, where snow was very prominent.


  9. Dawn says:

    Oh my, oh my, fantastic, so utterly fantasmagorical. Not that I am envious, just because i have acquired a green tinge??????


  10. surfnslide says:

    Looks absolutely magnificent. Off to read the first of your posts so I suspect I am also about turn a whiter shade of green…


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