A Snowy Weekend In March





Photo of me kindly supplied by Hamish
Photo of me kindly supplied by Hamish


Hamish being a yardstick to illustrate the relative size of a drift.
Hamish being a yardstick to illustrate the relative size of a drift.
Another photo of me - stylishly negotiating a drift - kindly supplied by Hamish.
Another photo of me – stylishly negotiating a drift – kindly supplied by Hamish.




Can't quite think of a caption for this, but I'm sure it's crying out for one...
Can’t quite think of a caption for this, but I’m sure it’s crying out for one…




22 thoughts on “A Snowy Weekend In March

  1. I take it this is from this weekend. Some amazing drift shapes there. Deep as hell in places but bare elsewhere. For your caption competition how about:
    “The banked-in crisis reaches new depths”
    I’m here all week…


    1. It has in fact been a fun weekend, James! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the largest drift of all, which was so big there was no alternative but to launch yourself down it like a huge slide. Some people (not me of course), even launched themselves down it head first….


  2. Hi Chrissie. For the caption, how about, “Between rocks and a snow drift?” :^) There is snow coming tonight and into tomorrow morning. It’s a challenge to think about Spring-like Easter hats when this snowy weather requires layered fleece, eh? Stay warm, virtual hugs and a kiss on Dixie’s chops!


    1. Now I look again, it looks like Geoff’s stuck there between the rocks and the drift, doesn’t it? Yes, spring feels a bit away still! Dixie sends a meaty chew to Wyatt Earp ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hiya Pete! Hope you’re enjoying the snow down in London then – even if it is just a little bit…
    Yes, Tilly does enjoy a bit of snow action – as does Dixie, although I don’t tend to take Dixie up in the hills much when there’s snow. Dixie would love to go, but as I can’t routinely let her off the lead, a pulling Boxer is not ideal in steep, slippery conditions!

    We’re keeping our fingers crossed that travel is not hampered again by snow next weekend – so hopefully see you on Friday xxx


  4. That looks like fun…?! We’ve had up to 12″ of snow here in North Wales and I can honestly say we’re totally utterly completely absolutely definitely bored of it! No-one wants snow at the end of March. Well. Not round here anyway ^_^
    We were hoping to get away for the Easter holidays too but to be honest I’m not sure I’m quite hard core enough to deal with the cold and the snow in the van considering camping in Snowdonia mid March was quite challenging already, and that was only with a little snow. We’ll see.
    Great snow pics though ^_^


    1. We did have a bit of a laugh in those drifts! I am with you though really, I am totally ready for spring and some nice, warming sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚ It does look like it’s going to continue into the Easter hols though doesn’t it? Geoff’s already been on the internet and found that we can top up with lpg for the van in Stornoway, as I think we may well end up using the heating quite a bit!


      1. Forgive me, I’ve just realised that my last reply doesn’t quite make sense, as I didn’t explain that we’re off to the Outer Hebrides for the Easter fortnight…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I’ve just come back in from a local walk and seem some beautifully sculpted snowdrifts – wish I’d taken my camera now! It was quite warm going out but, heading back all the way into the wind, my face is completely burnt out! I’ve tried putting more moisturiser on it since I came back (in addition to what was on before the walk) and it’s just making it hot and stingy!

    I just wish it would warm up a bit and that horrid east wind go away. It’s been a bit brighter today though.

    Great photos ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I’ve just come back in now from walking Dixie after work and it is warming up a touch, although I think it only really feels warmer because the wind has finally dropped. The snow is slowly melting on the roads and lanes, but we’re still having to clamber over the odd drift – it’s going to be while before they all go!

      When I was a teenager, we lived on a small farm on the moors only about 4 miles from where we live now, and the lane up to the farm was about 1/4 mile long with stone walls on either side, so that used to fill in with huge drifts. Back in the seventies we used to get snow regularly like we’ve just had, and one winter our lane stayed blocked for 3 months. That meant 3 months of lugging shopping, coal, horse food, cattle food etc up the lane! Actually, it was great fun and I look back on it with very fond memories ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yeah, there’s some huge stacks of snow at the sides of some of the roads and walls! I saw one bigger than a hawthorn tree today.

        I think it is a tad warmer but they’re not really forecasting any change for another couple of weeks I don’t think ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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