Poor Dixie’s Gone Deaf – Pardon?

My special Boxer’s gone deaf. It’s obviously been slowly coming on for some time, but we hadn’t noticed. Just after Christmas though, it must have hit some critical point and both of us suddenly noticed that she could hardly hear anything.


Loud claps, her loud whistle and thunder – that seems to be about all she can tune into now.


She’s still happy though. Obviously adapting well to a nearly silent world – but boy has her barking got louder! When she’s excitedย and getting ready for a walk, she’s always had a tendency to bounce around barking, but now she’s obviously had to turn the volume up so that she knows she’s barking! It’s nearly sending us all deaf……….


Anyway, this weekend we’re off to Norfolk and hoping to do the Peddars Way. Dixie has also been having more trouble this last 6 months or so with her arthritis, but after a change in her medication regime just before Christmas, that seems to have improved somewhat.


I’m still not going to push her hard, but I’ve planned to do the walk over 4 days – 10 or 11 miles each day – and I’m hoping that on flat, easy terrain, she’ll manage that ok.


16 thoughts on “Poor Dixie’s Gone Deaf – Pardon?

    1. Hi Mark. Yes, Dixie’s 11 now too. She’s still a typical Boxer and leaping around like a puppy, but it’s always a bit upsetting isn’t it, when you start to notice age catching up with them. Still, as far as she’s concerned ‘age is just a number’, and I’ll certainly continue to allow her to live life to the full as much as she can!


    1. Thanks Dawn. Actually, I think she’s looking forward to Norfolk as much as I am – I’ve never been before and I’ve always fancied it – even though it is predominantly flat! Everyone I know who’s been there says it’s lovely…….


  1. Hi Chrissie and a big kiss on Dixie’s chops. Sorry to hear about Dixie’s hearing. Wyatt often ignores me, pretending not to hear me, so I don’t think I’d know if he had hearing loss. He’s been limping around lately; I think it’s arthritis. Have a lovely, very relaxing little holiday in nature. Virtual canine Valentine hugs for everyone! Love from Karen and Wyatt Earp the Boxer. :^)


    1. Hi Karen, I’ve passed the kiss on thanks and she’s given me a big smile! Like Wyatt though, Dixie has always been quite skilled at the ‘selective deafness’ too – it’s probably partly because of that, that it’s taken us a while to notice the real thing!
      Hope Wyatt’s limping isn’t causing him too much trouble – he probably needs some extra kisses too ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It’s always a bit sad for us humans when a dog starts to show signs of aging – memories of the young dog that was start to crowd in, along with a realisation that our dog is showing us what is in store for us in the future!

    Thankfully they don’t agonise over the situation as we do – they just ‘get on with it’ as dogs do.

    Quality of life is the thing, and I reckon that Dixie has that in abundance.

    As for me, I’ve started sitting in the front row for briefings, lectures, etc and I have been known to tell a group “You may have to speak up a bit, because I have some hearing loss … ” ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. You’re right Paul – I keep looking at her and remembering the tiny little Boxer bundle we brought home when she was 7 weeks old! She was a cheeky little thing even then……

      I love the way dogs have no worries about aches and pains etc and just carry on regardless, making the most of every moment.

      As for me, it really annoys me that I now need glasses for reading, and I’ve also noticed that Geoff often doesn’t seem to hear my pearls of wisdom anymore………..though I’m not entirely convinced that’s due to deafness………..


  3. To be honest Chrissie, I don’t think it will bother Dixie one bit! I think she’ll be perfectly happy and it will probably just makes things a bit inconvenient for you guys. So long as she’s enjoying life ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Carol, I’m sure you’re right. She no doubt has no idea of the concept of ‘deaf’! The only other thing we’ve noticed, which I’m sure is connected, is that she’s become super clingy with me. I think she has to have me in sight to make sure she’s not missing anything! I don’t mind though, makes me feel loved! ๐Ÿ™‚


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