19 thoughts on “Happy Dixie

    1. Dixie’s a real bully you know, she won’t let anyone have any peace each day until you’ve taken her out, but she certainly makes the most of her outings!

      Be careful though Andy, it’s very easy to feel too smug when you’re out and about and most people aren’t… ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Super cute. And great view! We live near Llangollen and also have 360 view, across the Clwydian range. Can’t beat it, can you ๐Ÿ™‚ as there’s a plane nearby am guessing you’re in the Peak District…….?


  2. Oh, what a lovely place for a nature walk. Wyatt Earp the Boxer would just love this as much as Dixie does. I love to see our canine angels smile like that. Dixie is having such a delightful time. It makes me feel so good watching her!


      1. Oh yes, sharing my life with a Boxer most definitely keeps me in the present moment, remember to keep things simple and that there’s such wonderful things to explore in nature. Boxers so enjoy scent-explorations out in nature :^)


  3. Looks great. “It’s a dog’s life.” ? I wish. Simple, uncomplicated, happy – least that’s the way it looks. (Had another Parent’s Evening tonight so feelings of jealousy exacerbated by generally grumpiness.)


    1. It certainly is if you’re a spoilt, pampered doggy like ours are…

      You seem to have a lot of Parents’ Evenings – isn’t there a limit of three a year, or has that gone out the window now? Can’t keep up with Union stuff half the time.


    1. Thanks, she seems to be doing fine, but three, 5 minute walks a day are not really keeping her happy! Once her stitches are out next Tuesday though, she can go mad and have three, 10 minute walks a day! She’s being very good and almost seems resigned to what’s going on. It also seems like she’s not limping at all any more – which is absolutely brilliant. She had been limping quite badly for a couple of months before the op, so things are hopefully looking pretty positive!


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