Tilly Update

Well, Tilly had her arthroscopy operation on her elbow yesterday and Geoff was allowed to go and pick her up and bring her home again this afternoon.


She’s not looking too sorry for herself but is doing quite a lot of wingeing. Since it was keyhole surgery the wound isn’t massive, but she has to take care of herself for a while – and we’ve already had to stop her turbo-charging round the lounge……


For the first two weeks she’s only allowed three, 5 minute lead walks a day. This will drive her mad! She has so much energy! Her walks can then be increased, until by six weeks, she’s having three, 30 minute walks a day – but still on the lead. At this point, she has to go back to the surgeon for a follow up visit, but hopefully after that she’ll be back to getting fit for the hills.


She got some panniers for Christmas, so I’m hoping to do some backpacking with her later in the year. I’ve already heard Dixie giving her some pointers on how to behave in the tent etc and I’m sure she’s looking forward to it.


21 thoughts on “Tilly Update

    1. She does, doesn’t she? She’s a very touchy, cuddly doggy and I don’t suppose she liked being stuck on her own in the hospital last night. It was very quiet at home without her too…


  1. Sending Tilly lots of behind-the-ear and under-the-neck scratches, much love and healing energies. She’s quite the lap dog, isn’t she? I think our beloved pets think they are still small puppy size when they climb into our laps. Big, virtual hugs for everyone and kisses on the chops for Tilly. (and Dixie too!) Wyatt Earp the Boxer sends his best canine regards as well. :^)


  2. Best wishes for a swift recovery. It’s going to be hard to keep such an active dog quiet, but it’s for the best.
    I think they adapt far more easily than we give them credit for – Says he wondering how ‘Mist’ will fare being left alone in the car overnight this coming Saturday. She does the obedience/stock tests for SARDA Wales on Saturday, and if all is well (it should be) she has her first official training day as a SAR dog on the Sunday.
    Overnighting in the car will be a part of her working life, but she’s used to our company in the evening and i hope she adapts quickly – I’m becoming a soppy sod in my old age, ‘cos I never had these concerns about ‘Matt’ 25 tears ago.


    1. Thanks! Geoff’s thinking of taking her away for a quiet week in the camper. That will not only stop her trying to turbo-charge around the house, it will also stop her being tempted to tease and wind Dixie up – which always ends in tears!

      When Geoff had Ragga – his SARDA collie – our two were very used to overnighting in the car. At that time, we used to use Youth Hostels a lot for short breaks and of course the dogs had to sleep in the car then. We do worry about them though, don’t we ๐Ÿ˜€

      And good luck with the stock test etc – I remember Ragga had to do the ‘long stay’ twice!


  3. Glad Tilly is ok but by heck the reduced activity will be hard ๐Ÿ™‚ still, a lot of pampering to be had I think!


    1. Thanks James – I bet she can’t wait to cause chaos in my tent too! I keep imagining this sopping wet, muddied-up-to-the-eyeballs, stinking-of-fox-muck, howling-in-the-middle-of-the-night-at-any-sound labrador bouncing about all over my lovely sleeping bag…….can’t wait myself!


    1. Thanks Mark!

      Now I have to say (ammunition for your family to have a dog here), that both of them did molly-coddle me when I was recuperating and even more so when Geoff went off to Morroco for 4 weeks while I still had a pot on. Doggies always seem to know when you’re down or not well and will come and give you extra cuddles and love. They also routinely go into mega-guarding mode when Geoff’s away and I’m on my own.

      Doggy love is much better than guard-geese love…… ๐Ÿ™‚


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