An Old Favourite

No great write up today, just a bit of a photo post from this afternoon’s walk over Brown Knoll and Kinder. An old favourite, this is a walk we’re lucky enough to be able to do straight from the house and which keeps away from most of the masses on the plateau. If you’re interested in the actual route (8 miles), I did write it up in detail here last year.

Now these last few photos were taken going through the village on the way back. I don’t expect anyone out there in blogland to know this, but Hayfield has currently been taken over by a tv company, filming a BBC drama series. And funnily enough, the series is called ‘The Village’

It’s all very exciting and as far as I’m aware, filming is going on ’till about Christmas. Every time you pass through the centre some shop has had a ‘makeover’, or the road has been turned into a muddy 1920’s quagmire, and you never know who you might be walking past on the street…


21 thoughts on “An Old Favourite

  1. Beautiful photographs and a very pleasant virtual walk too. Have a delightful rest of your Saturday evening and weekend! Warmest wishes, Karen


    1. Thanks Karen 🙂
      Actually Dixie’s got very ‘wooden’ legs tonight – she’s going to be 11 on 5th November, and these days she’s starting to feel her age a bit after longer walks!


  2. Looks like a good day out in your local hills Chrissie. Who is the rad looking dude with the funky headgear who is following you………………….


  3. It’s always interesting coming across film-sets, isn’t it? I’m very impressed with your photos of that really old vehicle in front of the new Outside Broadcast caravans 😉 Last time we bumped into film sets was around Glen Roy when they were doing Monarch of the Glen. The first time was when we were kids and they filmed one scene from The Railway Children at our local railway junction and tunnel – the bit where there is the landslide. Mainly what I can remember was that, while the other actors were okay, Sally Thomsett was a right stuck-up b*tch!


    1. Last week there was a really old bus, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, but unfortunately I didn’t take a photo. It’ll be interesting because the series they’re making spans 100 years, so they’ll obviously be subtly updating the sets and vehicles as they go along.
      I’ve not spotted any famous people yet, but then I’m a bit out of touch with stuff like that and the only cast name that I recognise is Maxine Peake. If I spot her I’ll smile and see if she smiles back!
      it’s a good job you didn’t say Jenny Agutter was the nasty one – you’d have shattered all Geoff’s illusions about her!


      1. Nah – she was fine 😉 Sally Thomsett would have been pretty young at the time – probably just reaching teenage – so I suppose that may have been why she was so precocious!


  4. A time-travel walk!
    Can’t help thinking that all those flags remove all the fun of floundering around in waist deep bog – shame!


  5. I was up with a couple of mates on the Derwent Edges at the weekend and we were discussing the slabbed paths. I don’t think they look too bad and I’d hope they would reduce the erosion especially in the past 10 years when walking has really experienced a boom. Part of me does miss the bog floundering though. Can’t imagine walkin the Dark Peak in trail shoes like I did at the weekend.


    1. You’re right, they don’t look too bad especially once they’ve been down a few years, and they have stopped an awful lot of erosion. It’s just that slippery thing when they have frost or black ice on them – they become an absolute nightmare then…

      Don’t really know what the alternative is though, as the wear and tear on the moors had also become pretty unacceptable.


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